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does your IMAGINATOR need a tune-up?

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*Since, I normally write about stuff inspired by scripture… today I decided to shake things up a bit and write about something that happens in my everyday life… and it just so  happens that this is what is called for in this week’s DPchallenge (Daily Post Challenge).  I like this theme, so I may try my hand at it again soon! Look out mundane… I’m running past ya!

While doing the laundry this morning, my eldest, Caylee, approaches me and proceeds to tell / show me the following:

“Last night, me and Brenna had a parade … This was one of the floats… cute, huh?! We also used the oatmeal and grits boxes … we put bead puppies on top and they threw cotton feathers!!”

This of course, explained the catastrophic state of their room this morning 8 / … lol!

At least they’re being creative, having a good ole time, and making memories, right?! Love my girls, and am so glad they use their imaginations everyday!!

Sometimes, I feel like my “imaginator” is broken.  Life just wears down on us Big people doesn’t it?  I often forget the times I enjoyed playing with rollie pollies,

finding images in the clouds,

and making clover necklaces.

So many great memories from when I was kid came from being outside in nature and not inside on the computer, watching t.v., or playing video games.  God has given us such a beautiful World to enjoy!

And he even gave us dandelions…to make wishes upon!

What is the point of this post, you may ask?  I guess, nothing really, just a post of gratefulness for the opportunity to wake up and be alive today!  Also… a reminder to keep using your imagination and to enjoy EVERY aspect of life!  Everyday! I don’t want to get so caught up in the “important” tasks of life that I forget the “little” things, which can in fact be the Big things if you choose your perspective, wisely ; )


What memories do you enjoy most from your childhood?

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  1. I really like this post. I love to see what kids come up with when they play, your kids have a lot of imagination, a parade how creative.

    Last weekend I had to take care of my niece and nephew, we were passing a park by their house and saw there were sprinklers on (we were in the car) so I told them we need to change clothes and go get wet. We had so much fun been all silly; I will never forget that day, we played with the water for hours.

    As your question for me playing in my mom’s empty dining room was the best thing ever I imagine it was a castle or whatever my imagination will take me, riding a bike for hours and going to the ranch. I did simple things but these simple things like you say in this post make this world more fun god is in those little simple things that are lots of fun.


    • I cannot believe you home school your kids, I do not have kids but is very hard work.


      • It is hard work for sure! I wasn’t up to the task at first myself, but as the years passed with them in school, I kept getting closer and closer to making the leap and finally we did it, and we love it…of course, I’m partially bald now from pulling my hair out half the time…jk…but we really are having a good time learning together!


    • I’m sure they will remember that forever! With your dining room comment…it reminded me of all the places I would make tents with friends around the house! Sheets were everywhere all the time…lol


  2. Love hearing about your girls imagining together… just stop and ponder that for a bit – Caylee and Brenna – hanging out, loving one another, enjoying each other – sigh… it is beautiful! My boys were using their imaginations earlier… they were playing “shank” in the hallway – ya know the game, grab your brother from behind around his neck and pretend to stab him with a shank a la Alcatraz? Surely you played that one as a kid! lol


    • Hahaha…yeah, I enjoyed that… er… uh …”game” as a kid too!! Yeah their relationship has improved a lot lately, but they still have lots of bouts too! But I guess that’s just being sisters!!


  3. As soon as I read this, a memory came into my head from when I was 11 (before the foster homes). I loved being outside and playing. I was sitting on the hillside on a cow path, and I’d made a little farm out of twigs and grass and pebbles, complete with a barn and fence, and I’d found a little wedge of wood somewhere that became my car. It made the best roads, all straight and even. I clearly remember making the roads, and all of a sudden I just had to look up at the sky and say, “I’m so happy.” I don’t know why my heart was bursting with happiness at that point, but that one scene made such an impact that I recall it 50 years later as though it were yesterday. So, all that to say this: children’s playtime will impact their adult lives, and I love how the LORD has put that in us! Thanks for sharing this fun memory.


    • Thanks for sharing your memory too!! I love how you make the point that playtime “impacts” our adult lives…it’s so true, and something that we are only given a limited time to enjoy unhindered. So, it reminds me that when my little ones are playing, I should just forget about the mess for a little while and let them learn and grow in a way they can only do now! Thanks!




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