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about reading my Bible in Spanish

1.  What prompted me to read the Bible in Spanish?

  • Short-n-Sweet Ans: I love the Word and I love Spanish!
  • Long-winded Ans:  Well, I graduated with a BA in Spanish not too, too long ago, however, I am still not fluent in Spanish (embarrassing, ikr?!)  So, I continued to study it on the side and had read about others learning new languages through reading their Bible in both languages (kind of Rosetta Stone-ish, I thought, but hey…why not?).  So, since I make it a goal every year to read my Bible through in a year (normally, I am a few months behind…lol) I thought, this year would be a great year to attempt reading it in Spanish!

2.  Since I’m not fluent… how do I understand what I’m reading…and does it even count if I don’t?

  • I actually struggled with this question myself when I first set this goal.  However, I was confident that God’s Word is just as powerful in Spanish as it is in English as it is in Chinese if read or spoken, regardless of whether or not I personally can understand it.
  • That said, it is taking me a lot longer to read through it since I have to re-read it in English at times (but only if I’m completely lost!).  I have also picked up many new words just by using context clues and from reading over them several times or just knowing a certain passage from previous experience and again using context clues.
  • Bottom Line: God is BIG enough to cross the language barrier for anyone to get His message across to our hearts!

3.  How often do I read…do I read as you planned?

  • Prior to this year, I read my Bible EVERY day, with very few days missed!  This year, however, since starting this journey, it has been an on-going battle to get in the Word daily…even though I LOVE  it when I do, and I’m getting so much more out of my time, since I have to read it slower for comprehension… It’s like I’m reading it anew every time I open it!  So, no I’m not on schedule with my reading, pray for me : )

4.  What do I expect to accomplish with this goal?

  • What I expect, and what is happening, is that I’m getting closer to God everyday…I’m seeing His Word in a brand new way, I’m challenged and actually more engaged in my reading!  I guess, I was expecting to go through a spiritual “growth spurt,” more than anything…and so far, so good!

5.  What can You get from reading my blog?

  • Ya know…that is a really good question!  But, as I’m reading, and praying and meditating on His Word, I’m praying for His wisdom to guide me.  So, I guess, you get to benefit from what He’s showing me, and in essence, I ‘m believing that He’s got a message for YOU too…otherwise, He wouldn’t have prompted your heart to come here!
  • Be blessed AND encouraged friend!

*Did I miss anything? Have any other questions? Ask away!


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