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. . . anywhere doors: wait, they make those?! . . .

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Recently, the question was posed:

Your local electronics store has just started selling Time Machines, Anywhere Doors, and Invisibility Helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

I have 3 Choices, then:

1.  The  Time Machine: that nifty machine which takes a person forward or backward in time.

2. The Anywhere Door: the intrinsically magical door, in which a person is allowed to go ANYWHERE of their choice, upon entering.

3.  The Invisibility Helmet:  the hat, which makes a person invisible to all others.

Wait, that was a meme of an invisible helmet, not a helmet which makes one invisible . . . big difference.  Here we go:

Yeah, the Helm of Hades, a much more legit, invisibility helmet, I must say.


So, barring the idea of trying to trick the system (Like this person did), by going back in time and/or using invisibility to gain access to all three devices, I would choose #2 in a heartbeat.  Yes, in. one. single. heartbeat.


No plane tickets, no passports, no subway pass needed.

This is the stuff of my dreams!   To be able to go from one locale to the next without the financial burden of said travel.  My dream is to see the World!  Why does this desire trump that of changing past mistakes, visiting a more advanced society, or even going anywhere via invisibility?

Simply because, I believe in living in the NOW.  (Besides, I have a vague and rational fear of the “Butterfly Effect,” so time travel is definitely OUT!)  Why not use invisibility to my advantage and to further my sinister plans to rob a bank or take over the world?  Because, being invisible is very isolating, and I don’t think that’s the answer (not to mention, that I might just use it to hide from my problems, instead of face them).  Nope, not going to be invisible, even for a moment.

I want to be PRESENT in the HERE and NOW.  Although, I must admit that if my Here and Now, could be ANYWHERE at this present moment, I would be relaxing in one of those Over Water Bungalows in Bora Bora with my family:

The Beauty of the ANYWHERE Door is that you can walk through it with ANYONE . . . so long as you’re all holding hands of course.  Time Machines, on the other hand, have historically been problematic, and tend to malfunction at an alarming rate.  The Invisibility Helmet almost invariably leaves one naked in the most inconvenient settings.  That’s something I generally try to avoid.

My Anywhere Door is perfect though, and completely reusable!  No mishaps or malfunctions to date.  The only drawback is forgetting sunscreen on your way to the beach, which can be quickly remedied.  Oh, one more actual drawback, is having to lug this big door around . . . what a drag!

Thankfully though, my magnificent benefactor got me this really incredible EVERYTHING BAG last year for Christmas.  It literally holds everything AND a bag of chips, at about the weight of a bag of chips.  How?  Something about Crazy science, and Mary Poppins working together, ya know?

Anyway, back to my fabulous door . . .

Where would you go with my door today?  Or, would you pick another choice, and why?  (Be prepared, I may argue my point further with you . . .  just kidding!  But, seriously . . . be prepared! 😉 )

*Author’s note:  This post is in response to the PostADay Challenge.  Check it out!

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  1. Got me dreaming too.


  2. Two places-
    Italy (Florence and Rome preferably) a number of times. Boy, will i get fat.
    some shady underground research lab, Wear a mask, come out of the Janitor closet, do the chicken dance in front of the camera, disappear forever while they think the security of their base is compromised (which is in a way i suppose)


    • Haha! Thanks for that image 🙂 Italy is DEFINITELY on my list too!! The usual suspects: Venice, Rome, Florence, but even the lesser known Isle of Capri (bc of a children’s book, Red Sails to Capri) pretty much the whole country!! Lol


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  6. Anywhere door, too. Hands down. I’d make frequent trips to Granny’s house (my mom and dad’s house). And Spain. And visit all the friends I’ve met and had to move away from. And somewhere warm in winter. And…




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