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sex slaves, who knew? (part 2)

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So where does human trafficking actually occur?

Well, in my thesis, I talked mostly about the trafficking problem in central and south America, which is so widespread it is supposed to surpass Thailand, the forerunner, in just a few short years.

However, throughout my research it became more and more clear that this is a world-wide problem and because of our increasing technology and as an effect of globalization- it cannot be limited to any one corner of the globe- similar to the Atlantic slave trade- except BIGGER!

Ok, so Here’s the same map I showed you in part one, to remind you of the scope of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade:


 And here is a map of Human Trafficking Routes in 2011 . . .


So, as you can see by comparing the two maps, the modern slave trade is much more prolific!

And because of this it generates roughly $32 Billion dollars of revenue a year- with many estimates ranging much higher due to the clandestine, or hidden nature of the trade.

It is almost impossible to know the actual numbers.

Having said that, does it surprise you that the media has only more recently been actively involved in reporting this abuse to us? 

It surprised me at first, but, with that much profit and with many governments benefiting- I guess it’s not all that surprising, after all.

I mean, for the sake of face, our government, in particular, over the years has “protected” us from all sorts of “evil” information, like the JFK conspiracy and the goings-on at Alcatraz to name a few.  I often wonder how much more information I have been deemed too incapable of comprehending to be privy to.

But that’s getting off the point a little. 

Don’t you want to know where that money is coming from and where it is going?  Well, you can track that for yourself, somewhat in the following maps:

As you can see in this first map where the destination countries are highlighted, it shows not only where sex-slaves are trafficked into to work including the tens of thousands of women and girls forced to work in the U.S., Europe, and Thailand, but also where modern forced labor is still alive like in the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Burma.

Now in this Next graphic, you can see the estimated number of slaves in each country and also the Type of Slavery, whether the country is mainly a “producer,” or “buyer” of slaves, so to speak.

And if you’d like to see a quick slide show on where fighting trafficking is the Worst  in the US of A and explanations as to why . . . click to see The 7 Worst States in the Fight Against Human Trafficking – 2013 Edition.

If you don’t have time to view the slide show, here is a short list ascending to the worst state for the fight to end human trafficking :

7.  North Dakota

6.  Arizona

5.  Utah

4.  Colorado

3.  Deleware

2.  New Hampshire

1.  South Dakota

And there are a TON of other maps, graphics and even apps online, such as the Slavery Footprint Survey you can take here, and MANY, many more resources to help you to see where the problem is.

However, the MOST important factor in all of this is not Where it’s happening, but who it’s happening to.

**Find out WHO is targeted and who is involved in the selling of children as commodities in my upcoming post, Sex Slaves, Who Knew? (part 3) “Children the Modern Commodity.”

Also, you can Read Part One of this post, here.

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