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Chats with Miles

This is taken from February 18, 2013 . . .

One night, while I was trying to get organized for the week ahead, by searching online for meal plans, etc.  Miles walks in.  He came to announce that he had made: “Toothpaste Juice!

Hearing this exclamation, and then seeing the toxic blue water bottle he was sipping from, I started breathing heavy (possibly interpreted as: breathing fire with smoke coming out of my nose).  You see, earlier that day, Miles had decided to paint the bathtub, in order “to make it look pretty!”  So, I was the unwilling participant in “One of those kind of days.”

At this point, my frustration must have been very obvious.  Glaring, even.  I was literally to the point of tears.  Sensing my increased frustration with him, Miles offered me this little tidbit, in his usual no-ruffles, simple, yet direct kind of way:

Miles:  Mommy, sometimes I’m going to make things that don’t make you happy . . . But, I just need to make my things, and be who I’m gonna be . . .

Of course, after hearing this come from my then 4 year old’s mouth, my jaw dropped just a tiny bit.  I suddenly realized that in many ways, he was right.  I will not always get to choose what he does, or even who he becomes.  I can guide him, and teach him, correct, and love him, but ultimately he will have to find his own way in life.  My face softened into a slight smile, as the one tear which formed of my earlier frustration slowly slid down the side of my cheek.

Feeling frustration and having an epiphany brought on by the logic of a 4 year old, is a weird sensation, indeed.  You should try it sometime 😉

Now, the fact that he had figured this out by the time he was 4, neither surprised nor comforted me.  In fact, I’m a little scared for what’s to come!! Just Kidding, I’m excited, and thrilled!  LOL!!

Aren’t kids awesome for teaching us things we would never have learned otherwise?  Or, even for just the way they can open our eyes?

So, what things have you heard or learned “out of the mouth of babes” that has inspired you?

** Peace Out Y’all**

~ Julie ~

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