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. . . abstract art . . .

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Journal Entry from January 22, 2013:

The other day, I got this sudden impulse to text my younger sister (by 10 years), Sierra, who lives a few hours away in the Sunshine State of Florida.  What I suddenly needed to remind her was this:

Reminder: You are fearfully and Wonderfully made! Your soul knows that full well. (Paraphrase of Psalm 139:14)

The actual verse reads:

Psalms 139:14 :

I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

Marvelous are Your works,

And that my soul knows very well.

Just after sending it to her, I got this feeling in my soul (which, I believe was intensified, because I was fasting at the time) that I also needed to be “reminded” of this truth.  Especially since I have recently felt quite unlovely, and down on myself because of unwanted weight gain and seemingly no time to re-mediate the problem (we are coming off of the season we are allowed to be festively plump, are we not?!).


Anyway, I read the verse again to myself . . .  FOR myself, and this time I pondered, “Why is this verse Sooo powerful?? . . .  What makes it what it is?


Afterall, we call many things wonderful and we praise God, and know things in our own souls independent of one another, and it means something for sure; but nothing quite so powerful and captivating as what this verse speaks to our hearts when orchestrated and arranged in such a way as this.


I looked at it again, and this time, the word, “fearfully” lept off the page at me so fiercely, it was obvious that THIS word was the defining aspect of this verse’s Power.  I also realized just then, that I did not completely understand what “fearfully” meant in this context, which surely added to its wonder.  I didn’t know what it meant, per se, but I KNEW it is what made the verse Powerful!


So, what came next should be quite obvious to those as enamored of words and their meanings as I, a few quick Google searches to discover what this meant and how then would it apply to my life.  Not to drag out all the gory details of that search, I will share with you the one that in the end made all the difference for me that day, and I suspect many days to come.  The key phrase I used was, “define fearfully made,” which led me to a beautiful blog post by Micki Magee at completelydevoted entitled appropriately, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” which went into her understanding of this verse, also including the definition, which is what I was searching for (thank ya for doing the digging, I thought 😉 ).


She found a simple definition of the word “fearfully,” as it applies in this context in Webster’s as the 3rd entry, which read: “full of awe or reverence.”  She then goes on to say, and I will quote, as I think she says it quite beautifully:


These are words describing how God made us.  He made us with awe and reverence! (Reverence: a feeling of or attitude of deep respect.) . . .


. . . and this is the part I especially LOVE!! :


He wasn’t goofing around with crayons ladies.  he had a reason for making each of us, did it with care (awe!), and loves, even respects, the result. … So who are we to disrespect that?

The whole post moved me to tears, to realize, to recognize that God made me the way I am, artistically . . . without ANY fault in his eyes.  Not saying, I don’t have any faults, just stating that I wasn’t made with any… including my body type.   God did NOT make a mistake when he created me! 


This was honestly quite shocking for me to take in at first, as I had started to believe this in a subtle way, ever since my “little” sister started to creep up on me and finally surpass me in height (even though her dad is actually shorter than my dad… what a massive flip-flop God… I mean, how uncool, unfair, inappropriate, I once thought… and, I’m sure I’m the ONLY one who has ever envied her sister, right?! LOL).


God created me to be who I am – the way I am, and I should be thankful He placed Sooo much care and emphasis on the making of me, that my end result would garner His respect and awe, just as a work of art moves it’s creator.


He made me unique, with an extra brush stroke here and a fine pencil lining there, that makes me infinitely different from ANY of His other works.  And sometimes, I’m sure He may editthis” work He started in me, when He finds it fading or running a little in the wrong direction.  He then sets it just to His liking again, which in turn, will make “this” creation a little more likable to His other creations, as well (added bonus! Haha).


And, when He is finished with me, as I’m sure He’s not done just yet (thankfully), I hope He steps back and smiles – a look of satisfaction that only a completed work brings!


Thank You Lord, for making me Fearfully and Wonderfully!!  I know I have my flaws and many imperfections, but You are smoothing some of them out one day at a time, and using others as abstract art, not meant to be altered, a “beautiful mess,” if you will . . .  perhaps, as somewhat of a  centerpiece with which to shine Your Glory through me.  I am so grateful for Your ever present work in me, and I pray that I continue to grow in You and closer to You this year!!

 Be BLESSED my Friends!!!

going Somewhere?

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Hello Again!

The following entry comes from today!  It is taken from two different passages (Deuteronomy 13: 12-17 CEV & Psalms 115:1-8 ESV), relating to the same thing: Idols.

For the sake of space, I’m only going to quote Psalm 115: 1-8, so please go back and read the other verses for clarity if you need to!

(Here is a link to the online source I use to read / listen to the Bible:


As a brief overview… in Deuteronomy Moses was talking to the people, advising them that if any choose to go astray and worship other “gods,” that they are to be stoned to death, regardless of who they are.  Picking up in the Psalms:

1 Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!

2 Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?”

3 Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.

4 Their idols are silver and gold, the work of human hands.

5 They have mouths, but do not speak; eyes, but do not see.

6 They have ears, but do not hear; noses, but do not smell.

7 They have hands, but do not feel; feet, but do not walk; and they do not make a sound in their throat.

8 Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.

Ok, so what I’m getting here is that God despises all idols, and the people who ascribe to them.  They are despicable to Him, which makes you want to go, “Duh!” Right?! But, for some reason I’m seeing something new in these verses about idols, which I never saw before.

Let me explain, I’ve always understood “idols” to mean, “Anything in my life that takes me away from God… Anything that I spend more time with than God… Anything that takes precedence over God or His word in my life.”  Merriam Webster defines idol, as an “object of devotion.

In which case, I stand guilty of serving many idols- whether they be school, entertainment, children, friends, etc. the list can go on and on.  I have asked God to forgive me of this, and especially of my so-called, “innocent” addictions, such as facebook, Words with Friends, and even reading…you get the point.

WOW! But how true is His word when it says in verse 8: “Those who make them [idols] become like them; so do all who trust in them.”

Imagine that!  The idolator becomes “like an idol,” and in effect, becomes “idle.”  According to MW again: IdleInactive; spend time doing nothing; worthless; lazy.

Essentially, we / they (whoever you so choose to identify with), become unmoving … immovable.

That’s GOOD Somebody!

Have you ever felt like you had hands, yet you could not feel? Eyes, but you weren’t able to “see” what was right in front of you… the bigger picture?  Ears, but unable to hear that still, small voice of God in your life?  Feet that seem resolute to remain planted?  Or, a voice that no matter what, would NEVER be heard?

Good News:

In Christ, we are given: Purpose.  We are given a Mission.  We are given a Voice.  However, when we stop pursuing Him – our first love, that is – we move farther away from Him… we become, in essence, LESS real.

We become planted in the familiar, in the comfortable, in the seemingly “fun” world around us.  But, we are reminded in Hebrews 11: 25 that “sin is only fun for a season.”

So, while we are having “fun” ignoring God, the enemy is slowly tying our hands behind our backs, gently placing shackles on our feet, quietly setting a muzzle across our mouths, and discreetly putting a blindfold over our eyes.  Whispering the whole time, his cunning lies into our unguarded ears.

Eventually, we become so sedentary, we are as useless as a man-made idol (of wood, if you please).  We lose our purpose – our friendship with our one, true friend – our relationship with our beloved creator, Abba Father.

Just think about it a minute… how upset or hurt do we get when our loved ones, especially our “better halves,” choose NOT to pursue us… when they choose other things, activities, friends, or even work over us – we feel like, “Second Best.”

What is taking FIRST place in Your life?

Is God’s heart aching over your lack of perseverance in pursing Him?

Yes, sometimes (Oh, heck… MOST of the time, if I’m honest) it can be a struggle to FIND time (as if it’s lost…. another topic for another day… lol) to read His Word & Sometimes we read it, at least I do, so fast we get no meaning out of it at all – just the satisfaction of checking that little box off in our daily reading plan for that day.

How do you feel when your significant other is too busy to spend time with you or finds it too tiresome to connect with you in meaningful ways?  How hurtful is it when they just go through the motions with you…trying to appease you with a substitute of themselves? (You know… when their body is present, but they are quite far away)  Go ahead … Think about it.

We are made in the Image of Almighty God.

So, if you had to be honest … are you hurting God’s heart?  Are you forcing Him to literally BEG for your attention / affection today… or are you giving Him your best?!

Sadly, I’ve been in that first category too many times to count!  But, by God’s grace and compassion, He did seek me out and begged for my attention – When I finally {reluctantly, even} gave it all to Him – He made me ALIVE, AWAKE, and REAL again!


I’m ALIVE today… how about You?

*Original Spanish inspiration:

SALMO 115: 1-8 (TLA):

1Tú mereces alabanzas, Dios nuestro, y no nosotros; tú mereces alabanzas por tu amor y tu fidelidad.

2 Las otras naciones preguntan en son de burla: «¿Qué pasó con su Dios?»

3 Pero tú estás en el cielo, y haces todo lo que quieres!

4 Los ídolos de esas naciones son objetos de oro y plata; ¡son hechura humana!

5 ¿Y qué es lo que tienen? Una boca que no habla, y ojos que no ven;

6 orejas que no oyen, y narices que no huelen;

7 manos que no tocan, y pies que no andan; garganta tienen, ¡pero no emiten ningún sonido!

8 Iguales a esos ídolos son quienes los hacen y quienes confían en ellos.

how far do YOU go?

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Entry from September 28,  which gave me a few new insights and actually like three different points (yep, a little scatter brained tonight ; ) …so, buckle up! Here we GO!!

Deuteronomy 9:14, 18-19 (New International Version):

14 Let me alone, so that I may destroy them and blot out their name from under heaven. And I will make you into a nation stronger and more numerous than they.”

18 Then once again I fell prostrate before the Lord for forty days and forty nights; I ate no bread and drank no water, because of all the sin you had committed, doing what was evil in the Lord’s sight and so arousing his anger.

19 I feared the anger and wrath of the Lord, for he was angry enough with you to destroy you. But again the Lord listened to me.

*Spanish Version from NVI can be found at the bottom!*


After reading this passage, we gather that not only did Moses go 40 days & 40 nights without food or drink to obtain the 10 c0mmandments, but he also spent the same amount of time pleading to God for this sinful generation.

Who was he?!  Was he God?  No.  Was he Jesus?  No.  He was just a man.  He was a baby boy whom his mother refused to drown in the Nile river at the Pharaoh’s order.  While his sister watched, Moses was sent adrift on the river in a basket.

Ironically enough, Pharaoh’s daughter picks him up out of the water, giving him the name, Moses, and ends up adopting him.  The baby Pharaoh so feared, the one prophesied about, was thus growing up under his own roof.  NOT ironic to God, though.  Purposed.

It’s just another testament to the fact that no matter where you are, even if you happen to be floating down a crocodile infested river, in a mere basket, as a helpless infant …  the epitome of danger… If you are in God’s will- He will protect you- He will keep you safe.

In fact, you’re SAFER in that croc- infested river than in your own home!

When God has a plan, it’s best not to undermine Him (as Pharaoh did so carelessly).  Think of ALL the babies who were murdered, drowned in the river Nile in an effort to destroy a prophecy.  How ABSURD!!

As if  God would allow a mere man to destroy His promise.

[Aside]:  Not only did Moses’ mother & sister save his life, and in effect allowed for the Exodus to take place, they were blessed with a few more years to care for him and nurse him through his toddler-hood (while being paid, I might add, by the Royal family).

Man alone has NO power to override God’s plan or purpose.

Oddly enough…or not so oddly, Moses the one Pharaoh feared, was being raised in his own home (just to spite him, perhaps?) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh?!

Nothing we can do will thwart God’s plans… isn’t that EXCITING?! And, He brings all things together for good to those that love Him, despite our earthly understanding of things.  I mean, think of all the families that were devastated by the loss of their babies to this horrible edict.  How was their faith holding up? Could this be why they were so skeptical or resentful of Moses leading them?  Maybe.
Anyway, back to Moses sacrificing his own comfort and promises to save a sinful, complaining, and unrepentant generation…and for what?!

Had it been me, I probably would have been like, “So, You mean to tell me, that You would be willing to get these nagging, disobedient, undeserving people off my back AND give me another people greater and more powerful than they to lead? SIGN ME UP!! I’m IN!  Sayonara Suckaaa’s!!”  But, by the grace of God, He did not have me leading the children of Israel, but Moses. Beacuse He has created each of us for such a time as this!

*(I emphasized the word, children, b/c that’s how they acted most of the time…lol…just thought you should know that…important stuff, ikr?! wink, wink)* 

He has given each of us just what we need to accomplish what He has purposed in our hearts to accomplish.

Which brings us to the next point…

Don’t envy ANYONE else’s life. You literally have NO IDEA what God is working out in and through them…you need only worry about what God is working out, in and through you.  I mean that…and I’m talking to me.

[While the Israelites were complaining and being resentful of this, “self-appointed” leader -so they thought- who had nothing in common with them, who had no understanding of what it was like to live as a slave…God was doing a work in him.  This “privileged” one (as I’m sure many viewed him) went 80 days WITHOUT food or water, in order to guide this people (40 of which, went to pleading for their very lives) – for a people, who at times seemed to despise him or at the very least, were jealous  of him.]

All the while, Moses is steady obeying God and even felt he could convince God to change His mind…which he did.  CRAZY!

With his position, came much scrutiny, sorrow, and sacrifice; and in the end, even he was denied entrance to the promised land.  BUT, the next generation was able to go in…they were allowed to start fresh in the land of promise.  That is true self-sacrifice.

Application in My Life:

Even though I may not see what it is You’re doing in my life God, I can and should Trust Your Word and know that Your bigger picture is much greater than anything I could ever imagine… and I get to be part of it...IF...wait for it…I stop COMPLAINING, envying, & DISOBEYING.

Trusting GOD is key!

My prayer is that of thankfulness that God is working on our hearts to help us grow! He reveals new things to us every day if we listen for His still small voice.

What I want you to Remember:

1.  The Safest place you can be is in God’s Will.

2.  Man CAN’T mess with God’s Promises.

3.  Self-Sacrifice positions us to change a generation.

Last Thought & Bottom line:

Self-sacrifice How far are we willing to go?

*Spanish inspiration…

Deuteronomio 9:14, 18-19 (Nueva Versión Internacional):

14 Déjame que lo destruya y borre hasta el recuerdo de su nombre. De ti, en cambio, haré una nación más fuerte y numerosa que la de ellos.”

18 »Nuevamente me postré delante del Señor cuarenta días y cuarenta noches, y no comí pan ni bebí agua. Lo hice por el gran pecado que ustedes habían cometido al hacer lo malo a los ojos del Señor, provocando así su ira.

19 Tuve verdadero miedo del enojo y de la ira del Señor, pues a tal grado se indignó contra ustedes, que quiso destruirlos. Sin embargo, el Señor me escuchó una vez más.

… would you RISK it all? …

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Here is an entry from September 13, 2012, which showed me that sometimes, even our gifts must be fought for!

*Spanish Version from TLA can be found at the bottom!

Deuteronomy 1:8 (The Message Translation):

Look, I’ve given you this land. Now go in and take it. It’s the land God promised to give your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their children after them.

It’s amazing to me how many verses I have read so many times and just skimmed the surface of the treasure that was hidden within!  Reading this verse really woke me up this time around!

*Now, I don’t do this every time, but I think it’s important to translate this passage word-for-word, so that you can see what I was seeing… so, here is my word-for-word, type translation from the Spanish version:

“Go in and Conquer this territory, since I promised Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob that I would give it to them.  I also promised that I would give it to you since you are their descendents.”

Ok, so get this… Sometimes, God has given us something in advance that we still have to claim.  What?! You mean, not everything God has chosen to give to me will be delivered to my front porch with a Big Satin Bow placed neatly on top?!?!


So, God gave the Israelites this land… the Promised Land … flowing with milk and honey, as it were. Yet, in order for them to actually possess it, they had to literally, NOT metaphorically… FIGHT for it!

They had to want it…they had to want it real bad…they had to NEED it.

You see, God had originally promised it to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, along with their descendents after them.  However, the 1st generation wasn’t willing to risk anything to acquire what God had ordained for them to posses.  They were pretty cozy; they liked being spoon fed.  In other words, if God didn’t have it sitting on a platter with a cherry on top, they weren’t getting outa bed for it.
*So, I asked myself… Do I want to be like that? or am I willing to take a risk?*

Don’t get me wrong, the Israelites had at least a little reason to be afraid. I’m not condemning them for their lack of faith, b/c I might have been right there with them.

Humor me, and Imagine being an Israelite, just for a sec:

This guy named Moses leads you and a group of countless others out of Egypt where you were once enslaved.  That’s pretty AWESOME!  You don’t really know much about the guy, except that he believes he’s being led by God.  Well, he did help to free you, so you should probably follow him to this so-called, Promised Land, everyone is talking about… besides, where else are ya gonna go?

So, you start out on this trek through the desert, and it starts to get a little uncomfortable.  So, you do what comes natural to someone following the crowd  and not really on this journey b/c of your faith in God or b/c you personally believe Moses… You COMPLAIN… You QUESTION…You DOUBT…

…is this really what our God had planned for us? Really?! Shoot, at least as a slave, we could expect some consistency! (After all, who really wants adventure anyway?!)

This whole time they just keep feeding you this line about the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey, yadah, yadah, yadah… but you’re thinking it sounds a little too good to be true!  “What’s the catch?” (you want to know)

Well, upon arriving, it isn’t too hard to see the fine print…there are people ALREADY living there! There are people occupying the land “promised” to you.  Not to mention, they were BIG PEOPLE too…descendent of giants!

Whoa Now! — this is NOT what I signed up for! I knew this was too good to be true… I mean, why would God put us in a situation that will lead to certain death? This just doesn’t make any sense at all, you reason. Maybe they took a wrong turn… (Columbus did too, right?) This can’t be!

In life, sometimes  it seems easier to Doubt the validity of a claim, and ask, “Why do I need to fight for something God has supposedly already given to me?”  What’s the point of a gift you have to work for, anyway?

Long story short, God punished the Israelites with wandering for 40 years…which I’m sure some of them were fine with b/c at least “wandering” was somewhat safe and reliable with all that manna raining down.

Fast forward now to the next generation, where the verse is taking place…

They are back to this place where they were promised an inheritance, and they’re hungry…hungry for roots, for a place to call home…hungry for what God has promised them.  They’re DONE wandering.

Now all that’s left is to go in & TAKE what God has already given them.

It’s gonna take some sacrifice, yes.  It’s gonna be a BIG risk- EVERYTHING, in fact.  It’s not going to be comfortable or pretty or fit into a cute little box.  It’s going to be hard- it might even be a little bit scary.  It’s going to take Faith…everything.  ALL of you. ALL they had.

What I’ve learned:  Sometimes the gifts God gives us  aren’t wrapped in fancy wrapping paper or delicately placed in lovely tissue paper.

Sometimes…DON’T MISS THIS… they’re disguised.  They might be covered in Yuck- waiting to be cleaned.  It might be hidden like a needle in a hay stack…It might be old…It might be just past a couple of fire breathing dragons or sleeping giants…who knows!

BUT, I think, these gifts are the MOST desirable.  Otherwise, why would God go to such great lengths to hide or conceal them from everyone else?

Had the Promised Land not held giants – perhaps, someone else would have come in and conquered it, and perhaps God’s presence would not have been “necessary” for it to be done.

But, God HID it –he disclosed this gift…only to You– only to the Israelites did He reveal the Promised Land as up for grabs, and ONLY with His help and their faith, would they be able to take hold of this gift.

So, ironically– challenges should not be the only thing to deter us from something God has promised us.

Trust what He tells you. Believe Him– it’s His will that YOU take hold of all the treasure He has set before you!

But remember, it will only be yours if you are willing to follow and obey Him; regardless of the cost, or the way it looks to others, or the fact that you will literally have to RISK everything to do it.

So, I leave you with this simple question…

What gift has God been waiting for you to take hold of?


*Spanish inspiration…

Deuteronomio 1:8 (Traducción En Lenguaje Actual) :

Vayan y conquisten ese territorio, pues yo les prometí a Abraham, a Isaac y a Jacob que se lo daría. También les prometí que se lo daría a ustedes, pues son sus descendientes.

. . . your value to the father is more . . .

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Ok, yet again, the story of Jacob and Rachel was revealed to me in a new way after reading it in Spanish. The main verse I was going off of on April 7, 2012 was Genesis 35:18. *You can find the original quoted text at the bottom!

Genesis 35:18, NIV: As she breathed her last—for she was dying—she named her son Ben-Oni (Ben-Oni means son of my affliction/trouble or sadness). But his father named him Benjamin  (Benjamin means son of my right hand).

I LOVE this verse! The story of Jacob and Rachel is legendary, but this verse just shows unconditional love to the fullest.

Recap: After deceiving his twin brother, Esau, (at the advice of his well-meaning mother) into giving Jacob his birthright and then deceiving his father Isaac into bestowing the blessing due to his brother onto himself, Jacob was not in good standing with the guys and found himself (quite understandably so) on the run!  Jacob fled to his Uncle Laban (his Mother’s brother). *Quick note here: deceit seems to “run” through this side of the family, as we will see.*

Upon arrival, Jacob sees Rachel and it’s the love at first sight cliche, and he immediately wants to marry her.  So, he goes to Laban, Rachel’s father, and asks what he must do to have her hand in marriage.  Laban then tells Jacob, [paraphrase] “You must work for me for 7 years, and then I will let you marry Rachel.”  So, Jacob labored those seven years and when the time came to marry Rachel, he declared it felt like he only worked a day (maybe he spoke too soon 😉 ).

However, Laban tricked him (you reap what you sew, man!) and gave Jacob his eldest daughter, Leah, instead.  Long story short, Jacob is forced to work another seven years in order to marry Rachel also. Throughout the years, Leah and Rachel despised one another and were very competitive.  But, Rachel had fertility problems and was very jealous of Leah despite the fact that Jacob already reassured her that SHE, not Leah, was the apple of his eye. Again, long story short, Leah and Rachel both end up bearing Jacob children.

During her 2nd childbearing experience, Rachel was dying, and with her last breaths, she tried to name her son, Ben-Oni (son of my affliction, or son of my sadness), but Jacob steps in IMMEDIATELY and says, “No, that’s NOT who our son is… THIS son, My son, is: Benjamin, the son of my right hand,” effectively redeeming him. It’s beautiful.

What else can I say?! Instead of harboring an irrational anger toward the child (as many do in situations like this) for “killing” the mother…Jacob blesses him and calls him…the MOST important…even though he should have been the least in that culture. AMAZING!!

So, what do we get from this?! I.e…what’s the application to our lives? Well, God ALWAYS sees us for who He made us to be and not just our circumstances, behaviors, or actions. No Matter what ANYBODY, and I mean ANYBODY; your parents, family, friends, frenemies, or genuine enemies choose to Name you, or call you… God has a Different Name for YOU!— You are a Daughter / Son of THE King … the most High God! — Live that way Everyday!

Don’t believe the lies the World is telling you about your worth or your value. Only God has a right to Name you and He has called you: Chosen One! It’s you baby! You are the son / daughter of His right hand…you just have to choose to live it according to His purpose for your life and choose only to listen to His still small voice! You have to believe what He is saying above ALL the other noise!

My prayer is that I live like I belong to Him EVERY single Day (I was bought and paid for, at a pretty high price, ya know?) and that He gives me the grace to speak life over those He entrusts me with. Amen!

Be Blessed and Encouraged Friends!! Spanish NVI Version, which inspired this post:

Génesis 35:18 : No obstante, ella se estaba muriendo, y en sus últimos suspiros alcanzó a llamar a su hijo Benoní (*En Hebreo, Benoní significa hijo de mi afflición o hijo de mi tristeza), pero Jacob, su padre, le puso por *nombre Benjamín (*En Hebreo, Benjamín significa hijo de mi mano derecha).

One of my first finds…

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After reading Genesis 2:18-20 in Spanish, I saw it in a new way (scroll down to see the direct quote in Spanish). This is the passage in the Bible where God decides to create Eve.  Read for a quick review…

Genesis 2: 18-20 :

18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

19 Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.

20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.
But for Adam no suitable helper was found.

So, here’s the run down:

God looks at man and says, “It’s not good for man to be alone, so I will make a suitable helper for him.  Then God does something interesting.  He doesn’t get to work immediately on making this “helper” for Adam.  Instead, He takes from the whole Earth and sky all the creatures He had formed and brings them to Adam to see what Adam would name them.  And, it says that as he named them, so they were known and called.

Adam gave names to EVERY living creature.  How long must this have taken?! We are not given that information, but we can guess that it was probably not done “all in a day’s work.”  Furthermore, it wasn’t until the last animals were named that we realize, as did he, that “[nevertheless], he did not find among them an adequate helper.”

The word, “nevertheless,” found in the Spanish version as “Sin embargo,”  indicates to the reader that Adam has possibly been puzzling over this for awhile and is somewhat exasperated by this conclusion.

It is at this point, I believe, that Adam recognizes his need and his inadequacy.  You can imagine that after naming ALL of creation, he was probably a bit dismayed that none were like him. He felt utterly alone.

In this moment of despair and recognition of his need, not a moment before or a moment too late, does God put Adam into a deep sleep and created woman out of man.

It is my belief that Adam was in this posture for quite a while.  Naming these creatures, at first, must have been a great joy and even a thrilling excitement to Adam! He was the special being or creature, whom God gave dominion over all else!  What a PRIVILEGE! How EXCITING!!

Overtime, however, it started to occur to Adam how completely alone he was; as he noticed that everything else under God’s sun had a compatible match, while he alone did not.  I wonder how long into this work he had managed to get before he realized his need; his desire to have one like him to relate to, to help him.

It never tells us this, but we can tell by the tone in his “voice” that he was at least a little disappointed, in the end, to have found not even one suitable or like him.  Talk about a LOW!

I can imagine Adam sitting there in anticipation, naming the creatures of this world, waiting to see his match turn up in the lot; wondering when God would have her produced. He might have thought about how much quicker his work would get done with one like him, helping him…inspiring him.

(He named her, “Wo-man,” I mean come on…he was lacking inspiration at that point ; ) lol )

In the end though, he was still alone.

Nevertheless, there was not one in ALL the creatures compatible with him.


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