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a “marry” Christmas

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Chats with Miles

Ok, I hesitated to add these next two Chats with Miles, because  we are all well over Christmas by now!  However, if I am going to go in order of chats received, I need to add these now. 🙂  So, here they are:

This one from  November 29, 2012:

Miles:  (while hugging me) I’m gonna marry you!!
Me:  You’re gonna marry Me?!
Miles:  Yes!!
Me:  Why?!
Miles:  Because, I want to have a “Marry” Christmas!!

And this one from December 18, 2012:

Miles:  Santa is my Best Friend!!  But, there are lots of Santas…

Me:  Really?  How did ya figure that out?

Miles:  (very matter O’ factly)  Oh, I saw it on Facebook.

This kid.

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