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Do you know Cool Girl?

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I do!  Well, we ain’t tight or anything, but we do acknowledge each other with the nod at the gym, and share a step from time to time.  Anyway,  Today I would like to write a tribute to Cool Girl.  Do you know her?  She’s that girl at the gym with the rockin’ bod, and dreads that ACTUALLY look good on her.  She drives that cool car:

And, she can lift the COOL weights . . .

And all of this makes her who she is: Cool Girl.  And when you look at her, you might think like I did, “Yeah, I could be cool like that too, if I didn’t:”

Have kids.

Have a demanding job.

Have real responsibilities.

But, sadly, right when you think this, you “happen to” look as she is getting in her cool car,  (Ok, let’s be real, you intentionally look, because by this time you are in full on stalker mode), and you see the most devastating thing in her back seat:

And, it is at THIS moment when you automatically feel like: CRAP!

Hahaha, the joke is on me! Yep, Cool Girl is a . . . wait for it, no really wait for it, because I don’t want to know this and neither do you, if you’re like me . . . but, we might as well come out with it and face reality . . .

Cool Girl is a: MOM!

What?!  Hold the Phone!  NOooooo!  Say it isn’t so, Bob!!!  You mean to tell me some people can be Cool, smokin’ Hot, AND have responsibilities?????

I don’t believe it . . . No, I refuse to believe it!  Ok, I have to believe it.  Today, I found out her name (I overheard her say it to someone else) , so she is REAL people, really real!  I have told my husband about her on several occasions, making comments like, “Yeah, Cool Girl was at the gym today, so I had to step it up a notch.”  He’s is starting to worry I’m becoming Cool Girl’s stalker.

I’m not, I promise!  I just admire her, and even more than that she INSPIRES me!  I want to Do More, Be More, and Push it harder when she’s around.  Because she is soooo cool!

There is nothing wrong with that . . . I promise! 🙂

So, do you know Cool Girl? 

Now, don’t get this confused with Stuck UP, Perfect Girl, no this is NOT the same girl . . . I wanna know, do you know Cool Girl?  That Girl that INSPIRES you to do more and be more, but doesn’t make you feel like you’re less because of where you are now?

Who is YOUR Cool Girl?

What is SHE like? Better yet, are YOU Cool Girl? Because the truth is we all personify something. What are you presenting the world with everyday, just by being you? Because, one thing I have learned is that people are ALWAYS watching! That being said, what image are you portraying?

Are you Cool Girl? Mean Girl? Snotty Girl? Relaxed Girl? Adventuresome Girl? Nice Girl? The list goes on (and can be interchanged with “boy” 😉 )

Just remember that your life makes a difference not only in your world, but also in someone else’s everyday!

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