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Mustard Sammich

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Chats with Miles

If you have been following my “Chats with Miles” posts, you know I am trying to get all of the funny things he and my girls have said (that I recorded via Facebook posts, mostly) over the past couple of years, into a neat little nook for them to be able to look back on.

So, the following is not really a “Chat with Miles,” but a “situation with Miles,” that I posted on December 7, 2012 (He was 3 at the time):

Why does my child want a “Mustard Sammich?”  Yeah, ya know that sandwich which has nothing on it, but MUSTARD?  My thoughts on the situation? Eeeewwww!!  And furthermore,  WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  did I give it to him on more than one occasion, yep including 5 minutes ago, after I swore the last time I would never do that again?

Other than the fact that I reasoned, mustard is supposed to be healthy, and it probably is better than buttered toast (health wise). . . I’m probably in line for one of those Worst-Mom-of-the-Year awards…eh?!  LOL

UPDATE:  Since then, he did have a few more mustard sandwiches, but that trend started to taper off a bit early last year, and now he just wants mustard on his sandwich, like a normal person! lol 😉

Have you or your kids had any strange requests in the kitchen?  I would love to hear ’em!!  Chime in below!

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