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Oh . . . He’s Just Looking

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Chats with Miles

Over the course of Miles’ short life, he has asked many silly questions.  He has asked many funny questions.  He has asked many intelligent questions.  But, He has also asked some very profound questions, which oftentimes leave my with no “correct” answer, and leave me wondering what it is I actually do know.  The following chat would fall into both the profound and funny categories at the same time . . .  Enjoy!

From Feb. 16, 2013

Miles:  Mommy, is God in the sky?

Me:  Miles . . . even though we can’t see Him, God is Everywhere!

Miles:  Well, is God at the store?

Me:  Uh, yes, God is even at the store . . .

Miles:  (confused looking)   So . . .  He’s buying stuff??

Me:  No.  Um,  I don’t think He’s buying stuff . . .

Miles:  (kind of resolved)  Oh . . . He’s just looking then?.

Lol . . . Do you see what I mean??

sugar is better than healthy

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Chats with Miles

Well, for the past year or so, I have been posting snippets of conversations I have had with my 4yo little cutie, Miles, on Facebook, or the Book of Faces, as my mom has coined it.  But, I want to gather them all and make them easier to find for my kiddos one day.  Most of these funny convos have happened with Miles, but some have happened with my girls also.  So, join me in laughing as I add them all here over time!

So, here is a little excerpt from our convo Tonight, while I was putting Miles to bed :,polaroid,straw,coke,photog,coca,cola-cb2103e141a1bb87129a4605e0ab5f04_h_large.jpg

Miles: Mama, Daddy gave me Chocolate Ice Cream tonight, and he gives me Candy, and Coke, and all kinds of things . . . but, you like healthy stuff Mama . . .

Me:  mhmm. . .

Miles:  Yeah, healthy is good, but you know what is BETTER than healthy?!

Me:  No, What?

Miles:   S U G A R.  Sugar is better than healthy.  It is sooo good, but it is bad for my body because it can make me sick, but I like it.

#trainemup #theymaystilldepart #atleastheknows #sugarisbetterthanhealthy #daddyisintrouble … lol

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