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when spankings go sour

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Chats with Miles

Spanking, is a controversial issue these days.  Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand on this issue anymore, but  I used to believe, a spanking when done right (not out of anger or abuse), and done for the right offense (ie. defiance or disobedience that results in danger) could be a useful tool.

Regardless though, I have learned over time that Spankings, can also be a source of humor.  How, you may ask, can a spanking be humorous?

Well, take this situation that played out with my DH and Miles when he was just two years old (in Aug. 2011):

After spanking the mischievous, and stark naked toddler, my husband hears this:

Miles:  You have pooh, pooh on you now daddy . . .

on your hand . . .

DH:  (Dismayed, Looking down at hand, full of poop)

Miles: (Giggles)

Definitely an example of a spanking FAIL!

And, here’s another convo he had with my Father In Law while being baby sat, the very next month:

Miles had an accident (and by accident, I mean, he deliberately peed on the floor), and then, he proceeded to tell my Father In Law this:

Miles:  Paw, Paw . . . Mommy said, “No Spankins,” and Mee Mee said I could have a sucker!

The art of persuasion and distraction starts early for some, lol 😉

Do you have any stories of discipline going wrong in a funny way??

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