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a “marry” Christmas

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Chats with Miles

Ok, I hesitated to add these next two Chats with Miles, because  we are all well over Christmas by now!  However, if I am going to go in order of chats received, I need to add these now. 🙂  So, here they are:

This one from  November 29, 2012:

Miles:  (while hugging me) I’m gonna marry you!!
Me:  You’re gonna marry Me?!
Miles:  Yes!!
Me:  Why?!
Miles:  Because, I want to have a “Marry” Christmas!!

And this one from December 18, 2012:

Miles:  Santa is my Best Friend!!  But, there are lots of Santas…

Me:  Really?  How did ya figure that out?

Miles:  (very matter O’ factly)  Oh, I saw it on Facebook.

This kid.

haters gonna hate

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For Miles’ 4th Birthday last year, he said he wanted an M&M cake.  Well, since I have not given into the craze of Pinterest, mostly because I KNOW I would get ADDICTED to it,  I decided that it would probably be a lot less stressful for me and a lot more fun for Miles and his daddy to make it themselves . . . together.

Here is what they came up with, it wasn’t exactly the Pinterest cake above, but  I was pretty impressed with what a little can-do attitude and self-motivation can do, I mean they did their best, and that’s all I asked for:

Oh, it was beautiful!!  What??  You don’t believe me?  I’m serious.  My husband is pretty crafty, and He and Miles made the cake, that I had imagined and also added these lovely adornments to the table to add to the picturesque quality I was really going for!

Ok, and just so you know, I CAN see that smug little look on your face, AND  hear your smirking!!  What?!  Do you think I would lie about something like this?  Something so unimportant as a birthday cake design?  Really??  I mean, how immature can ya get?

Wait . . . W H A T  did you just say??  Did you just have the audacity to remind me of my New Years resolution to “Keep it Real” this year?

W O W.  Just wow.  Haters, gonna hate!!

A N Y W A Y S . . .

I guess, I will still let you in on the chat they had, even in spite of your Smug, Hateful, and Jealous thoughts about how our cake came out.  Sheesh!

So, before the party, there were some leftover M&M’s they put in a container (and No, that is not a tell-tale sign, you CAN have leftovers, even when building furniture . . . stop it!).  Now, Justin had told Miles not to play with the container, but alas the boy did not listen, and he spilled them all over the floor 😦

Justin was obviously upset, and scolded him as was right, and here was what followed:

Miles:  I’m sorry for making the mess daddy!!

Justin:  I’m not upset about the mess Miles, but that you didn’t listen.  (such a good daddy)

Miles:  I’m sorry for dat too . . .

Miles:  . . . and I’m also sorry for burping . . .

Miles:  . . . AND farting too!

Lol…Now, you’re probably wondering what my husband said to get him to appologize for ALL that, am I right?? 🙂 I’m actually wondering too now … whatever it was, I think we can all agree that is was effective! Okay.  Ooookaaayyy. Fine.  So, that wasn’t actually the cake they made.  Thanks for the guilt trip!

Here is the cake they really made:







. . . Keep scrolling . . .






Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.48.09 PM

Now, some might consider this a Pinterest – Fail, and if I’m being honest, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, or what I wanted to serve to guests last year at his party.

B U T, it was DELICIOUS, for realz!  AND, they had a great time making it, and it was THEIRS!  In retrospect, I’m so glad I didn’t micromanage this one!

So, now that I shared the truth with you, tell me, have you designed any Pinterest-Fail worthy Projects?

when spankings go sour

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Chats with Miles

Spanking, is a controversial issue these days.  Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand on this issue anymore, but  I used to believe, a spanking when done right (not out of anger or abuse), and done for the right offense (ie. defiance or disobedience that results in danger) could be a useful tool.

Regardless though, I have learned over time that Spankings, can also be a source of humor.  How, you may ask, can a spanking be humorous?

Well, take this situation that played out with my DH and Miles when he was just two years old (in Aug. 2011):

After spanking the mischievous, and stark naked toddler, my husband hears this:

Miles:  You have pooh, pooh on you now daddy . . .

on your hand . . .

DH:  (Dismayed, Looking down at hand, full of poop)

Miles: (Giggles)

Definitely an example of a spanking FAIL!

And, here’s another convo he had with my Father In Law while being baby sat, the very next month:

Miles had an accident (and by accident, I mean, he deliberately peed on the floor), and then, he proceeded to tell my Father In Law this:

Miles:  Paw, Paw . . . Mommy said, “No Spankins,” and Mee Mee said I could have a sucker!

The art of persuasion and distraction starts early for some, lol 😉

Do you have any stories of discipline going wrong in a funny way??

sugar is better than healthy

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Chats with Miles

Well, for the past year or so, I have been posting snippets of conversations I have had with my 4yo little cutie, Miles, on Facebook, or the Book of Faces, as my mom has coined it.  But, I want to gather them all and make them easier to find for my kiddos one day.  Most of these funny convos have happened with Miles, but some have happened with my girls also.  So, join me in laughing as I add them all here over time!

So, here is a little excerpt from our convo Tonight, while I was putting Miles to bed :,polaroid,straw,coke,photog,coca,cola-cb2103e141a1bb87129a4605e0ab5f04_h_large.jpg

Miles: Mama, Daddy gave me Chocolate Ice Cream tonight, and he gives me Candy, and Coke, and all kinds of things . . . but, you like healthy stuff Mama . . .

Me:  mhmm. . .

Miles:  Yeah, healthy is good, but you know what is BETTER than healthy?!

Me:  No, What?

Miles:   S U G A R.  Sugar is better than healthy.  It is sooo good, but it is bad for my body because it can make me sick, but I like it.

#trainemup #theymaystilldepart #atleastheknows #sugarisbetterthanhealthy #daddyisintrouble … lol

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