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So, after seeing this situation play out in my house for the umpteenth time, I decided to send my Dear Mother-in-law the following email (mostly for kicks ;-)):

Dearest Mother in law,

Just for future reference, please advise my children that whatever they would like to bring back to our home from yours needs to be dually  inspected and approved by me, their loving mother, first!

Now, I know it wasn’t your intention to sabotage my plans for a somewhat tidy house, when you said, “yes” to the sneaky little dears who asked you kindly for a big ole bag of Mardi Gras Beads (after I had already told them “no” at their Nana’s house for the same request, mind you), but I assure you: having them strewn ab the house everyday, feeling like the bad guy when I pick them up, and throw them away piece by piece, has been no picnic!

I say “piece by piece,” because that is what the whole bag has finally amounted to … small pieces of beads … since the necklaces were all carefully disassembled by my little Corps of Engineers, for the main objective of re-purposing them into “bead pups,” and other “jewelery” items.

While I love their creativity, and ability to keep themselves occupied with almost anything, I really dislike what happened when they got dis-interested in them …  ie allowing Miles and the dog to play with them. 

So now, the once isolated, plastic bead sink whole, which was their bedroom, has now expanded its territory and has grown to massive proportions, in what used to be known as: my home.

Anyway, all of this to say, in all future transactions, I would prefer to be the “bad guy” up front… at your house, which would help me to maintain whatever small sanity I have left,  if EVEN at the cost of their creativity. ; )

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter, and I think we will both be pleased at the outcome of this compromise in all future endeavors!

Yours ever truly,

Sweetest Landfill-Inhabiting Daughter-in-law


**By the way:  She responded quite well to this gesture and signed the contract I forwarded to her with delight 🙂 …lol… just kidding!  But, she did encourage me to throw them all out, without feeling any remorse whatsoever,  (that is, IF I can find them all!!…lol) and also that she supports my “authority” in this! Yay! SCORE!!!

Please share any similar experiences and how you handled them! I would be much obliged, if you did!! 🙂

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