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This page is  dedicated to Important Causes!

I firmly believe that I am blessed to be a blessing…and so are YOU!  This will be a special page, where we can do just that!

As we approach the Holiday season, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am…how blessed all of us are!!  So, in an effort to share that with the World, I would like to highlight some really great causes / ministries that I think you will find pretty awesome, as well!

I will attempt to add these pretty regularly, so check back often!  I am so EXCITED about this!!

And, I would sooo LOVE to hear from you guys on this topic…ya know, that feeling of  “Giving is better than receiving” kinda feeling?!


So, here, you will find a list and summary format, but if you go to the Blessed 2-B a Blessing Page, you can view the posts dedicated to each organization!

1. Hope 4 Joseph:

Here is an organization birthed out of the loss of a beloved child.  Now that their child lives in Heaven, Jon & Joy Scott continue to serve others going through similar circumstances.

Hope4Joseph was founded in 2011 after our son, Joseph, battled for his life, facing grade 4 brain cancer. The life-giving non-profit is moving to meet the practical needs of children while extending spiritual hope to children and their families locally and even around the world.

If you would like to support this incredible ministry, please clink on the link above, or type the following in your browser:

In addition, Joy Scott runs a blog of her own, at and has also written a book entitled, UNSTOPPABLE, which can be pre-ordered for $15 (all proceeds go to benefit the HOPE 4 JOSEPH Foundation).
Please consider supporting this incredible family to continue to do great things for other families in need!!

2.  Saving Solomon

If you follow the link above, you will be led to the compelling journey of how the Gianelloni Family have come to find their son, Solomon, in Uganda after much trial and heartache.  While Jessica and her husband already have 4 natural children of their own, they have always had a heart for adoption and orphans alike.  Watch the video on the blog post entitled, Saving Solomon, to see the whole story. family has been fundraising for months now, in order to bring their son home, and have many opportunities for others to get involved, and all donations are tax deductible!

In an effort to support this cause, I just purchased one of these incredibly, inspiringLove Never Fails” t-shirts! They come in a few different colors too!  Feel free to do the same, and please share their story to help this family get their baby home!

In addition to the shirts, they have some other really neat gift ideas as well on their site!  Swing by there when you get a chance at:

**UPDATE**  Solomon is now home with his FOREVER family!!


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