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Saving Solomon

The plight of orphans  is something that has always weighed heavy on my heart, and yet… it is nothing new to this world.  Sometimes, I think that we in the US are numbed to images such as this one.  I have seen them all my life, starting from when I was as young as I can remember, seeing starving children from Ethiopia on late night television.

I have felt sorrow in my heart for the condition of their lives. But what have I done for the orphan?

On a mission trip to Peru, in 2006, my husband and I witnessed many homeless children on the streets of Lima out well past 10:00 pm at night, and had no idea what was going on right in front of our eyes, until right towards the end of our trip.  I naively thought, “Geez, where are those kids’ parents?!”  Inaccurately reasoning that there was just a different level of permissiveness in this culture.

However, when the realization hit me a few days into the trip, I so wanted to bring a child home with us, one in particular named, Catarina- she was a very sweet girl of about 9 years old.  This was quite impossible though, as we had no idea what it would entail, and we were told that Peru was very strict on their adoption policy and that it was close to impossible for a foreigner to adopt a Peruvian child…add that to a few other factors, like our age and financial stability (or lack thereof) at the time, and we quickly talked ourselves out of it and came to the conclusion that this was just not the right timing for us.

I feel I have done next to nothing to change the World we live in for the orphan.  What can I do to put even a dent in this monstrous problem?!  Just that… put a DENT in it.  I may not overcome the whole thing, but if we all just put a dent in it, we might actually see something change.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I do understand that adoption is not for everyone and that there are other ways to help them without actually adopting them…

In fact, that is the purpose of this post!

There are many families I have met interested in adopting, and/ or going through the process of adoption, and to look at A L L of them and try to support A L L of them would be impossible and just thinking about it can be quite overwhelming!

BUT, if we could just stop for a moment, and focus on the specific piece of the puzzle, which God has set before us to fill in the big picture, maybe we could all get that puzzle done… together.

Maybe I can’t bring an orphan home today and I don’t have the means yet to open a home for street children in Peru, but I CAN chip in and add my drop to the bucket of another family that is stepping out in faith to bring their child home to their forever family.

I say:  Let’s make this a team effort!

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Well, The Gianelloni Family has been fundraising for a while now, in an effort to bring their son Solomon home.  Their story is INCREDIBLE!!  The first time I read it, I was literally SOBBING!

I honestly didn’t know why, it’s not that it is a sad, sad story or anything, I just really think God was touching my heart and pushing me to learn more about this family…  and to be the piece to the puzzle He has asked me to be… regardless of how small that piece is… because even without the smallest piece in it’s place, a puzzle remains unfinished until ALL the pieces are in place.

So, I invite you to watch their journey in the video below to be truly blown away at how God guides them in this whole process, and to consider if you were meant to be one, or possibly more than one, of those puzzle pieces!

**UPDATE**  Solomon, affectionately known as, “Solo” is now home with his forever family!!


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