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~Hello There~

So GLAD you’re here! Ok, I guess ya wanna know a little bit about me if you’re on this page, so I should tell ya something, right?? πŸ˜‰

Well, being 27 with a Hubster and 3 littles (ages: 11, 9, and 4)Β  gives me the great advantage of being able to relate to many different people across many different backgrounds (and age groups, lol), and I have lots of fun getting to know people, especially those in different walks of life or who have had a different cultural experience than my own and really appreciate everyone!!

I grew up in the New Orleans area, and still live here today, although, I would LOVE to travel the World at some point, full time!!Β  But, I could go on and on, so why don’t you just sit back (with a cup of coffee, perhaps πŸ™‚ ) and enjoy the ride with me for a little while, instead??Β  I would also love the opportunity to hear from and about you! Yes, YOU … reading this blog …Β  so, please drop me a line!!

Lastly, If you have any other questions, feel free to ask … ANYTHING … really!!

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  1. Hello I just follow you because I saw a comment in Cristian Mihai page, I love what you said about “liking” a post, we as readers do not have to like all that we read, the same goes with the content of my blog I really do not mind if people like it or not, I am an Artist lot’s of people don’t get artist. Well, I am changing subjects here, so I stubble across a very intelligent person, you, like you about page (you just like one of my post thank you!) I forgot what I was going to say, so I will check your blog (later I have to work). Good Day!


    • Thanks…you’re absolutely right! I think I sometimes go through a “liking” rampage…if something is well written, (for the art of it) regardless of if I understand everything ab that topic…or maybe it is in an effort to be encouraging…or I genuinely like the post…as with yours…and I also saw that you recommended Canadian Hiking Photography’s blog, which I also follow….so I will have to check out your other suggestions later too! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I agree with Doris, we blog to share our life with family and friends, not to see how many views or likes we can acquire along the way. We do appreciate visits from new friends and if they like what we have shared it is an added blessing. Great blog and I love how you relate your stories with God’s word. Have a great day! Mary



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