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. . . neither do i condemn you . . .

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How exciting, I have reached a blogging Milestone with this post!  It is my 50th post to date! 🙂  I had planned to write a lot more this year, and I am off to a good start!  If you are reading this, thank you for stopping by, and sharing this journey with me!

For this special post, I want to share with you one of THE single most beautiful pictures of God’s Grace in the New Testament, and a story that truly brings tears to my eyes, which is found in John chapter 8.

Tracking from verse one, we see the scene being set up.  Jesus has returned once again to the temple complex to teach, and as usual, many people have turned out to hear Him speak and teach.  However, unlike many other accounts in the Gospels, something different happens here.  Something that is truly Breathtaking, Amazing, Beautiful even, and so altogether captivating, it is almost as if you can imagine being right there in the crowd.

John 8:3-6 (HCSB)

3 Then the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery, making her stand in the center. 4 “Teacher,” they said to Him, “this woman was caught in the act of committing adultery. 5 In the law Moses commanded us to stone such women.  So what do You say? ” 6 They asked this to trap Him, in order that they might have evidence to accuse Him.  Jesus stooped down and started writing on the ground with His finger.

After reading this,  you may even think to yourself . . .  “This just got real.”

Here this woman is who was caught in the “act of adultery,” so they had actually witnessed her in the middle of her crime, and subsequently drug her out to face the masses in the middle of the temple complex, ready to stone her dead, via public execution.

Is this not the ultimate badge of shame?

She is caught red-handed; the law requires death, there were witnesses, and everyone is now aware of her crime.  Her scarlet letter is burning hot on her sleeve.

What more to be done now, than to cower in fear, and shame?  However, this particular day, Jesus was in the house.  The Pharisees thought this would be a great opportunity to trap Him, so they put this to Him as some sort of test.  What were they hoping He would say?

Consequently, the next verse is so DRAMATIC and such a shock to those hearing it, it takes a moment for them to register what is actually happening.

John 8:7-8 (HCSB)

7 When they persisted in questioning Him, He stood up and said to them, “The one without sin among you should be the first to throw a stone at her.”  8 Then He stooped down again and continued writing on the ground.

I’m sure they were thinking:  Waaait, whaaaat?  That throws a kink in some things.  Who are you to Take this woman’s sin, and throw it back on us?  This isn’t about us, this is about her; her sin, her crime!  Not ours.  But, now that you mention it, how can I throw a stone at this woman?  Have I not lied, cheated, and stolen, manipulated, gossiped, and have I not been proud?

John 8:9 (HCSB)

9 When they heard this, they left one by one, starting with the older men.  Only He was left, with the woman in the center.

They couldn’t do it.  Not one of them could throw the first stone.

The hardened Pharisees, were humbled.  The older ones, those with more influence, and wisdom left first.  They heard the truth.

John 8:10-11 (HCSB)

10 When Jesus stood up, He said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? ” 11“No one, Lord,” she answered.  Neither do I condemn you,” said Jesus. “Go, and from now on do not sin anymore.”

Jesus was the only one with the right to condemn her, and yet He did not.  He showered His mercy and His grace upon her; like a fresh spring, it refreshed her soul.  He loved her.  He loved them.  He loves us all, no matter our spots or blemishes.

Neither do I condemn you.

These are the words that brought me to tears.  I just kept repeating them to myself, and let them wash over me like a fountain.  Jesus is my breath of fresh air.  Jesus is my tall glass of water.  He renews my mind.  He eases my troubled thoughts (even the ugly ones about myself), and He gives me G R A C E.

Bottom Line:

His grace is sufficient.

So, What right do I have to judge another human being?  None.  Even Jesus saw past the guilt and shame that was hers; He went so far as to defend her in public.  He protected her, saved her life, gave her another chance.

He  F O R G A V E  her.  He  F O R G A V E  me.  He  F O R G A V E  you.

So, please let it go.  Whatever, it is you’re holding onto, whether it be the Bitterness that comes from unforgiveness, or the guilt and self-loathing of something from your past.  Today is a new day, and His grace is sufficient for you.


What is holding you back from giving or receiving His grace today?  Why not choose today, to walk in His peace, and rest in His undying love for you? 

As soon as you do, your life will be a portrait of Grace and the overflow will be tremendous.

Choose Grace today.  Choose Peace.  Choose Forgiveness.

Please listen to this song if you can, because I think it really exemplifies this idea even more:

How He Loves Us

Versos en Español:

Juan 8:3-6Juan 8:7-8Juan 8:9Juan 8:10-112 Corintios 12:9


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  1. Congrats on hitting 50. I look forward to reading 550,550 at least more of these. Just thank you. I’ve been struggling with my ungratefulness lately for a true blessing that He must want and need and have designed for my family, me, and the world to have. And I’ve been so angry at myself for that. And yet, as you were called to point out, He didn’t cast a stone. He doesn’t condemn me. He loves me. He understands and He is waiting for me to move on with His all consuming love and grace. So with His help, I will move on and move my eyes to His new plan. Thanks, Julie.


    • Awe, Thanks Terri… How Encouraging! I love how God chooses to surprise us in life. Sometimes, we can only see the negative aspects of a surprise, especially for those of us who like to plan ahead and be at the helm at all times. But, like you said, when we get past that and become truly thankful we are able to see the blessing that God has in store for us. About 5 years ago now, my girls were both in elementary school and I was a junior pre-med/ Biology/ Spanish major at SLU. Well, I became pregnant with Miles and decided to take a year off of school to work and just enjoy being wife and mom. Little did I know the transformation and screeching halt that would come to the dreams and plans I felt God had given me to go to med school would come to. And really that is a whole post for another day. But, I’m saying that to say, once I decided that now was not the time for me to go down that path, I was so disappointed in myself and in God for “letting this happen.” But, the most beautiful thing happened….When I let go of that dream (even if for just the time being), God gave me a new dream and gave me a new focus. I ended up graduating with a Spanish degree, and had to write a thesis to get the Honor’s seal (whatever that’s worth now), but my thesis led me to learn ab Human Trafficking when it wasn’t yet very sensationalized and when I had basically heard nothing about it up until that point. So, the point is, God gave me something else to see and focus on and dream towards. He’s always doing that, and I’m learning to love it! Lastly, you said, “So with His help, I will move on and move my eyes to His new plan.” What a great response to what He is doing in your life and moving you towards!! But, maybe this plan of His wasn’t so new, lol 😉 it’s new to you, to be sure, but what if this was His plan all along to change the course of history forever? Just something else to think about. I believe you’re right too that He is waiting for you to rest in His all consuming love for you, because only out of that mindset can you walk in grace towards others too! Anyway, now I will have to copy and paste this to another post, bc it is so long…lol. But, I’m so glad we have met and are building this virtual friendship…it’s pretty neat! While I have never met you in person, I often feel like we are kindred spirits (if that term is even used anymore, lol)… Hope you have a great weekend friend!


  2. That was just what I needed. You’re so full of wisdom and inspiration. I really think you could be like Joyce Meyer. Lol. But seriously you could, you put the bible and the word of god into perspective, it’s truly amazing.


    • Hey girl, I’m glad it found you where you were and encouraged you! That is really my prayer every time I set out to write something. I go to read my Bible and just say a short prayer right before that God speak to me on a real level about things I need to hear and that He speak to me about what others may need to hear, so that I can be His hands and feet in a real way. Lots of times, what He’s speaking to just me, I put out there too bc maybe someone else needs what I needed to hear. Anyway, love you friend! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment! And, thanks for encouraging me back 🙂



    Beautiful, Julie!

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. I needed this today ;). thanks Julie for posting and I agree.




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