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Have you ever wondered how perfect it would be to have been the one chosen to raise, the perfect child?  No, I’m not talking about an extremely well-behaved, well-adjusted, well-rounded child, I’m talking about the Perfect child.  I.e. Jesus.  It must have been an experience, like none other 😉

Well, this is something I have been thinking on for a while now, and since we are given so few accounts of Jesus’ childhood and interactions with His mother, that I thought it would be fitting for us to discuss this a bit further.

In John chapter 2, we are shown the First Miracle, also known as the First Sign, that Jesus performs publicly (why I emphasize, “publicly” you will see in a minute).  Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding feast!  Do you hear it??  (*You’re supposed to hear a cheer or a  good “amen” from all the Catholics, as a hush falls upon the Baptists* lol) 😉

Anyway, what had happened was this:  Jesus, His mother, and His disciples were all in attendance at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.  Pretty soon, I’m guessing here, the wine ran out.  Seeing the problem, Mary looks to her son with insistent and pleading eyes and basically says, “Son, they’ve run out of wine!”  He looks over at her and says:

John 2:4 (HCSB)

4 “What has this concern of yours to do with Me, woman? ” Jesus asked. “My hour has not yet come.”

But, we get the idea of what He is saying:  “Yeah, and?”  Well, just like any good mother would do – Mary didn’t first consult His feelings on the matter, or think about the long-term consequences of disregarding His statement that it was not yet His time (God’s statement, The Son of Man’s statement, mind you).  I imagine she simply looked at Him with The Eye (You Mamas know what I’m talking about…especially you Southern Mamas!), and proceeded by ignoring Him and instructing the servants on hand:

John 2:5 (HCSB)

5 “Do whatever He tells you,” His mother told the servants.

In essence, “Jesus, I’m ignoring your last comment, and Telling you what’s what, and what You’re about to do, Because I am Your mother.”  So, of course, the story follows that Jesus takes these 3 Gigantic jars (No, I mean GINORMOUS jars … each had the capacity of 20-30 gallons, we are told), and He turns the water which they held for purification, into wine. this:  In the presence of the servants, His mother, and His disciples- that’s it.  Again, we are witnesses to this unfolding love story Jesus is telling to the Least of These . . . that they are important, they are worthy, they are loved.  It says the Master of the Party did not know anything about the miracle that took place . . . BUT, the servants did.

If he had come, caring about fame and the opinion of man, He would have gathered everyone around and made a big spectacle of the whole thing – But, He wasn’t and so, He didn’t.  This is a topic for another day though; right now I want to get back to the relationship between Jesus and His mother, Mary.

What does this short interaction tell us about them?  Perhaps, it tells us that while this was Jesus’ first public miracle, it probably wasn’t the very first miracle He performed.  In fact, by her response, I would wager that this could have been a common occurrence in their house . . . (*imagine: Jesus, we ran out of flour again…)  Her tone may have even sounded like this, “Oh come on . . . you ARE doing this- whether you want to or not.”  It’s clear at least, that she didn’t take His concern too seriously.  Or, if she did, she saw past it and decided to push her son into action, as mothers often do.

I can almost imagine them in Heaven laughing it up:

Jesus:  Hey, Ma! You remember that time you MADE me provide wine at that wedding, EVEN after I told you it wasn’t the right time?

Mary: Yeah . . . what about it??

Jesus:  Well, you know that little event went down in history as my First act of ministry.  Now, everyone runs around saying, “You know Jesus wasn’t against drinking…the first thing He did, was turn water into wine!… Thanks a lot mom- I look real sophisticated, reeeal legit now. (smh)

Lol . . . no, really I think He couldn’t care less about how He “looked,” but it is funny to think about those type of things!

Anyway, in this account, we are able to get a picture of their inner family workings.  Mary was His Mama – She made decisions for Him, and she did the best she could – like ALL of Us moms.  Imagine though, the weight on her shoulders.  She had the responsibility of raising the Messiah after all, and she knew it from Day 1!  No PRESSURE Mary – really – just do your best.  That is, the best you can do as a teen girl/mom and let God handle the rest –

Now, isn’t that just the testimony God is speaking to our hearts?  He’s saying:

Let me handle what you can’t.

Jesus submitted to His mother in love, and provided wine for the wedding feast.  What a sweet picture of their parent-child relationship!

It was a NORMAL relationship – I think everyone who wishes their child was or would be more like Jesus- perfect, that is – fail to see, it wasn’t as easy as ALL ‘dat.  I mean, Jesus got lost at least once, and here we see He wasn’t interested in helping His mother’s cause – there was hesitation, resistance.  He was HUMAN – Like us.  Not, just God.  With a human face.  He lived and breathed among us.  He wanted the Human Experience, and He got it.

Modern wisdom tells us to listen to our kid’s feelings/ thoughts to the point of not pushing them to do what they don’t want to do, even if you see their talents leaning a certain way.  In other words, let them forge their own way in their own time.

That’s not what we saw Mary do – She saw a need – she saw a solution – Her son.  That was all she needed to push Him into action.  She was essentially saying, “It IS Your time, Son.”

Kids (read: ALL kids, even older/adult kids) need us to reassure them, no doubt, but sometimes they need us to push them in the right direction.

A mom is someone who can have the GREATEST impact on the world, because she is the one who is raising the Next Generation of World Changers and History Makers!  Yes, the child has a part to play in their own lives to be sure, but the MOTHER is the one who sews the first seeds, and helped place the first blocks into place – whether good or bad.

Her presence, or absence, makes the world of difference to her child, and ultimately the World!

To the mom reading this right now, I say:

Please stop thinking your job is menial, mom.  Stop gawking at the phrase, “Being a mom, is the most important job in the world,” because, it REALLY is.

It’s true!  You have the power to Literally  C H A N G E  History. . . or not.  Your influence will either spur your child to action or inaction.  It’s up to you.

Stop listening to a culture that tells you that Mothering is the point in your life where you have “settled down,” that your life is put on pause, or that it is over entirely.

I’m more ALIVE and PASSIONATE, now as a mother than I ever was before!  Let that fire inside of you SHINE, and you will watch it manifest in the lives of your children.

Be BOLD, Mom!  Stop letting life Pass You By!

I expect to pass through this world but once.~ William Penn

You will only pass through this way once, mama…
** Do it  ALIVE!
** Do it  STRONG!
** Do it  Tirelessly – (even, while sleep deprived 😉 )!
** Do it  YOUR Best!
And most of all: Do it  PROUD!
Bottom Line:
Being the Mother of the Messiah – Many could have easily said, “Well, He’s gonna do what He’s gonna do . . . He knows what’s better for Him, than I do – He is God, after all.”  But, she didn’t.  She Mothered Him . . . and she DIDN’T do it passively.
Are you sitting here while your kids are running around, or mindlessly watching T.V. perhaps (this is necessary at times for sanity purposes, lol) wondering, wishing your life was somewhere else?
In the corporate world, or off traveling, or whatever?  (Anything but this monotonous diaper changing, sibling dispute solving/not solving, taxi driving existence!)
Just remember, YOU have the power to change the world.
Are you going to take it?

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  1. Julie, So many fascinating points. Let me first say that it does seem like as adults our parents sometimes “disappear” with their guidance! I still need my mom and dad to offer insight and advice. They know my strengths and weaknesses and hesitations better than almost anyone! (Same with my husband and his parents.) I need Mary over my shoulder saying, “No, the time is right, right now. Please move on this.”

    And I loved the thought about how his miracle was knows and executed by the servants first. I’d never considered this aspect of the story.

    Anyhow, great post. I REALLY enjoyed it. This has been my guilty feeling the last couple of months. That I’m letting my kids and husband down because I have been unable to do anything or care much about that even! But as this first trimester winds down, I’ll get back in the game.


    • Thanks Terri! Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how in so many situations Jesus was elevating the lowest person… which, I guess shouldn’t surprise me, bc that’s who He was, but it still brings a smile to my face every time I realize it!

      I think we all need that reassurance sometimes, no matter how confident we may seem, it always helps when someone who knows us lovingly nudges us in the “right” direction.

      I’m sure your husband and kiddos understand what you’re going through, and hey like you said, unschooling is always an option for a season 😉 But, seriously if schooling has been a toughie, sign them up on and let them explore the math, graphic design sections there (my girls actually think the whole site is fun and forget they are learning).

      Otherwise, and in everything else, cut yourself some slack and enjoy this short season as much as you can! That is one of the biggest things you can do for your girls in the way of “life experiences,” is show them true to life, life experiences!

      In other words, what I’m saying is, is that you are ALREADY doing it…none of this, I will get back to it in a few months business. You are already being the Mama you were created to be and even if you have a time where you really feel miserable and you haven’t gotten your to do list done, you’re still being there for your family in the ways that are important!

      And remember Mrs. Doctor Lady, you’re in the process of making another human being, so other stuff can wait IMHO 😉 Sorry this was so long, (my specialty) but I had so much more to say that I left out too, lol!


      • Khan Academy. Maybe it IS time I checked something like that out. Thanks!

        And I know all that stuff can wait, but I don’t WANT it to. (I am being worked on. I can feel it…)

        Thank you for the encouragement. I can use a great cheerleader right now. Thank you. I appreciate it!! XOXO


        • Oh, I know what ya mean! You have to listen to that voice and only you know where you are and when you need fine tuning, which is a great time to recognize iron sharpens iron! So glad that I could be that encouragement 🙂

          But, still go check out Khan…it’s really a great resource … it’s a secular program, so I just watch the science and History videos ahead or with (ok sometimes after them or not at all 😉 ) but make sure they know where I stand on certain issues. But, I love the math lessons and games and so do they!




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