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Chats with Miles

On November 6, 2012 right in the middle of all of the Political ramblings and debates, this conversation went down at my house while Miles was playing on PBS

Me:  Miles, do you need to go potty?? (He had been sitting there a while)

Miles:  No. . .

Miles:  . . . w a i t . . .

Miles:  . . . yes, I do!!  I just wish we had a toilet in the Living Room!

Now, wouldn’t that make life just a tad more interesting? 😉  Not something we were willing to try though, lol!


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  1. Well, that takes utilizing space to a whole new level! LOL!

    I had one who always had accidents because she didn’t want to stop playing to tend to nature! I’m sure a toilet on the playground or fight in the middle of the church playroom would have helped! (Smile.)




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