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finding the silver lining

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Chats with Miles

Miles has raised the stakes again  (this account is back from June 15, 2012)!

So, now not only can he destroy one product at a time, like when he dumps all the shampoo down the drain, or fills my Chi Iron Guard spray bottle with water …now, he can waste two products at once!

He took the cap off the lotion & filled it with toothpaste!

Gotta love his thinking though … 

Miles: I was savin’ space Mama!!

Silver Lining:  Thank God, no hoarder genes here! Lol!

And now, for some funny Hoarder Memes (just because):

Do you have a little one that keeps you on your toes like Miles? When was the last time you had to find a silver lining?


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  1. You can see I’m catching up on posts! Yippee!

    Some of those “cartoons” made me laugh out loud! I love to laugh!

    My kids aren’t too bad. Well, actually they kind of can be. I just ask, regarding hoarding, if the house was on fire, would you want me to run back in after it with risk of death?




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