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when spankings go sour

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Chats with Miles

Spanking, is a controversial issue these days.  Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand on this issue anymore, but  I used to believe, a spanking when done right (not out of anger or abuse), and done for the right offense (ie. defiance or disobedience that results in danger) could be a useful tool.

Regardless though, I have learned over time that Spankings, can also be a source of humor.  How, you may ask, can a spanking be humorous?

Well, take this situation that played out with my DH and Miles when he was just two years old (in Aug. 2011):

After spanking the mischievous, and stark naked toddler, my husband hears this:

Miles:  You have pooh, pooh on you now daddy . . .

on your hand . . .

DH:  (Dismayed, Looking down at hand, full of poop)

Miles: (Giggles)

Definitely an example of a spanking FAIL!

And, here’s another convo he had with my Father In Law while being baby sat, the very next month:

Miles had an accident (and by accident, I mean, he deliberately peed on the floor), and then, he proceeded to tell my Father In Law this:

Miles:  Paw, Paw . . . Mommy said, “No Spankins,” and Mee Mee said I could have a sucker!

The art of persuasion and distraction starts early for some, lol 😉

Do you have any stories of discipline going wrong in a funny way??

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  1. Ha ha about the poop on the hand! I don’t have any funny ones really. But we were vacationing at the beach this week, and my 5 year old kept wanting to “mooch” another kid’s float. I told her to come to me and stop trying to sneak his float. She said “No” and looked defiant. Then proceeded to say, “I will kick sand in your eyes.” My response, “Then I will spank you.” The kicker funny response, “Uh-huh. You won’t be able to see me.” LOL. Anyhow, as she has been spanked before, knew I was serious, she did come and leave the floatie alone without any further ado.


    • That IS funny! And smart! Isn’t it crazy when they say something funny, smart, but also completely out of line?! Lol. It’s like part of you thinks, “Wow, that was smart kid!” But, the other part if you is like, “Great, now I have to discipline you!” Lol



    I think that one is my favorite! Did papa tell you he threatened to lock Miles out of the house last night? Lol!

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  3. Poo conversations are a daily occurrence in our house too! The most common thing I hear is “Is that poo?” This can come from Karen, myself or one of the kids. It hardly ever is poo, but since our baby girl is starting to crawl and walk around the house with ease, we’re starting to get nervous!


    • Haha…I remember those days well! Sadly though for us, it often was poo…lol. This little conversation happened a while ago, but it still makes me laugh and we still refer to it from time to time as an inside joke. And the way he said it was almost like a taunt, like, “See what happens if you decide to spank me again! I’ll show you” lol. Anyway, I’m sure as Mary becomes more and more self aware there will be a lot more of these situations for you guys! Enjoy them!




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