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Rosie the Riveter


Last night I dressed the part of Rosie the Riveter, and a friend of mine turned the pic I took into a meme, so I thought I would share the pic, and also the Reason behind choosing it.

Surprisingly, a few people knew who I was trying to portray by name, but sadly, most did not. They had no idea who I was impersonating, much less what I was trying to convey.

So, just as a refresher:

The poster of “Rosie the Riveter” is an iconic piece of Americana history.  Rosie symbolizes the countless number of women, during World War II, who stepped up to fill the factory jobs of the men who left to fight in that war.  They did everything from producing munitions to riveting planes.  They were incredible women who stood in the gap for the incredible men who had gone to serve their country.

In this country today, it seems we need to join arms again.  This time for FREEDOM.  This time to take our country BACK from those within who have tried to blind us to the reality of our plight and to steal our freedom one baby step at a time.

The Rosie of yesterday, gave Hope to men and women alike.  She Encouraged them to Go on.  She Repaired what was broken in both machines and the hearts of those around her.

The Rosie of today, would be better known as, “Rosie the Liberator” since our Freedom is the thing in need of “repair.”

I can only hope that the Rosies of Today will Step Up, Take a Stand, and Make a Difference Now!

We sure do need them!


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  1. I know who Rosie is. I once did a skit about Rosie in college history class with another student. Anyhow, I hear you.


    • Yeah, I thought it was common knowledge too! I first saw the poster and learned about Rosie in High School. But, I guess not everyone was paying attention…lol

      I need to edit this post, I just wrote and published it on a whim on my kindle, so I will have to make it more than what it is eventually here soon.

      But, I’m glad you hear me! It’s true, it seems like everyone walks around in a sleepy haze of sorts, but slowly people are starting to wake up…too slowly in my opinion though.


      • Will be interested to see where you take it. (Off topic, I have trouble blogging on my iPad and Kindle and phone. Do you find you can’t do all that you normally do? For example, managing comments from them is much more challenging for me.)


        • Well, you already know how much I Love to get off topic 😉

          I really don’t like using a mobile device to blog either, other than to use the reader or check comments. My biggest set back when it comes to using those devices is formatting and being able to tell the overall look of it. That bothers me a lot, I also don’t like that sometimes when I save a post as a draft, it publishes it anyway…weird.

          Anyway, I do prefer using the reader on my kindle then sitting in front of the pc though, so I guess there are pros and cons.

          Happy Saturday to ya! I’m just about to head out to a baby shower!




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