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…the MAIN difference between Heaven & Hell…

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What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?

Have you  E V E R wondered?  Or, do you take it for granted.  “Oh, there are lots of differences,” one may argue. “They’re complete opposites, for starters.  I mean one is like Utopia . . . and the other is like, um . . . Hell?”  Duh!! Right?! Well, I am here today to suggest there is only ONE difference that is truly important.

But first let me ask you:

What type of people are in Heaven?

What type of people are in Hell?

Many would answer those questions with, “good” and “bad,” respectively.  However, I don’t think that’s true or that, that’s what separates us [them].  I believe there will be lots of “good” people in Hell, and at least a fair number, if not a lot of “bad” people in Heaven.

You see, Hell wasn’t created as some sort of receptacle bin for all of God’s screwed up creations, all of His “mess ups” that in turn were destined to be “bad” people.

No.  First and foremost, God NEVER makes a mistake and, thus, none of His creations were mistakenly created. They were all wrought with purpose and destiny.  So, why was Hell created then??

Hell was created for the “fallen” angel Lucifer, along with the small group of angels that followed him.  Lucifer was not some lowly, unnoticed angel, but one of the most recognized and needed of all those in Heaven as Worship leader.  It is written that one day he looked out at the worshiping angels and suddenly thought they were worshiping him, instead of God,  and decided then and there that he would form a rebellion. The rest is history.

The people that end up in Hell are not -solely-bad” people.  Just as those in Heaven are not solely “good.”  There was only ONE person who was solely good, after all.

There will be both types of people in both places.  And who are we to declare a person good or bad, as if we are judging eggs?  We didn’t make them, so we know not of who they are or more rightly, who they were intended to be if they have fallen off track.  Only the creator knows each person by name and the purpose He had created them for.

We CANNOT judge others simply because they sin differently than we do.

Thus, the only real important difference between Heaven and Hell, is that those in Heaven chose to accept the saving grace of Christ as their own.

Because, no good work or good deed will ever be “good” enough to land a person in Heaven… or why else would Jesus have had to die?

On the flip side, do bad works alone result in a person’s eternal damnation?  I don’t think so.

The rejection of Christ is what separates man from God.  In other words, regardless of how “good” a man is by man’s standards, a man will still be lost unless he accepts Christ.

Likewise, regardless of how “badly” a man has chosen to live his life, he can still enter the kingdom of God, if even at the eleventh hour, he surrenders his heart to Christ.

Of course, I believe, when we get to that place – the judgement seat of Christ – each person will be judged on an individual basis and according to their own knowledge.

I just think it is important to remind ourselves of the FREE gift we receive when we accept Christ as savior.  And also, that we remember we are all created equally.  So, we need not fall into the trap of judging others because they sin differently than we do.

Take away message:

The severity of the Sin doesn’t matter, so much as your heart and your relationship with and acceptance of Christ.  He’s all that matters, and is the only TRUE difference between Heaven and Hell.



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