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Posted on Bear with me, as I re-organize the site a bit!  I hope this doesn’t negatively affect you guys (ie. getting a bunch of notifications every time I switch something)!  If it does, I’m sorry, but this has to be done!!

I’m having a hard time with the set-up of this site and I’m toying around with it to see what works best.  My BIGGEST FRUSTRATION, is the fact that I can’t figure out how to turn my categories into separate pages or entities, if there is even a way, I’m not sure?!?!

I kinda like all of the posts being viewed on the home page, but what I would LOVE, would be for my posts to actually stay organized under their respective categories on the home page …  is that too much to ask?!

I don’t know, maybe I’m making a big fuss over nothing, but when I assign a post a certain category, I wish it would stay there, so that those wanting to get inspired by scripture can do so with ease, while those who just want to read some mind-numbing ramblings from yours truly can also do so without a thought, or if some person is interested in how my everyday life looks, they can see that…WITHOUT having to scroll through every post.

Yes, I realize there is a “category” widget thingy on my page to the right where people can do just that, but it is not prominent enough…not for me anyway! As it is, a person would have to actually, make an effort to look to the right and see it…I don’t even like to do that… does this make me lazy? Maybe, but I don’t care… if it is not at the top of the page or the main focus of the page, I normally do not go there in my normal, quick read of a person’s blog.

In other words, I want this to be more organized, yet I’m struggling with the process because I have no idea how to do it!! AHHH!  Frustrating! (First World Problems)

Anyway, this post started off as a means to inform readers that the site is “temporarily going through changes,” but has inadvertently transformed into a, “HELP! this blog is going through an early midlife crisis!!” phase — haha–just kidding!

All joking aside though, Anyone more techy than I (who am I kidding— that’s practically everyone, including my 3yo) who can help with this issue, and is willing to…PLEASE ADVISE!!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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