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…just a little pre-Thanksgiving cheer…

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In the week approaching Thanksgiving, I have been preparing for my mother and sister to come stay a few days with us.  Every year, we do Thanksgiving dinner at my In-Law’s house, and everyone is invited!! No man is left behind. 😉

In the years leading up to this one, I have brought my now famous Chocolate Mocha Cake, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins, and even some yummy Spinach and Artichoke dip!

This year, however, I was planning on going with something new: a Pumpkin loaf (possibly with chocolate morsels…mmm…even though I’m trying to stay away from the stuff) and also this really awesome pumpkin whipped cream based dip for pastries! 

As I was contemplating this and how much work I had to do throughout the day, I received an interesting phone call from my mother in law…  she was home from work today to begin cooking preparations for tomorrow (as she usually is), and she wanted to know if I would like to come help her out for the day, since the children were now old enough to occupy themselves while we worked.
Wow….this is strange, I thought… I have never been asked to come help cook.  This rite of passage has been extended to almost everyone in my extended family, but me.  So, I immediately sent my husband the following email:

Ok… You’re mom called and asked me to come help cook, I still have  a lot to do here before my mom gets here @ 3pm,  but I think I’m just gonna forgo cleaning and go help your mom…

To which his very male response was:

Sounds like fun.  May need the truck later.

At noting his obvious lack of interest, and clear misunderstanding of the milestone that lay ahead of me today, I respoded thusly:

I don’t know about “fun,” but I think it will be a good addition to my portfolio…or my in-law resume, as it were…it will be a good opportunity to possibly learn something useful.

I think it will broaden my horizons and help me become a more well rounded individual. This kind of opportunity only comes around one time a year, and the “honor” has NEVER been bestowed upon such a humble cook as myself, in a very long time… possibly EVER.

However, I do understand when there’s slim pickings, what’s a mother-in- law to do?

Since the Martha-Stewart-like daughter in law has long since flown the coop (divorced for a few years now), and her Replacement (soon to be sister -in -law) is away at school, and the other is somewhat “shady” at the moment … who left to call upon at such a late hour, when  NO fairy grandmothers can be found about (other than old clumsy in the kitch daughter-in-law…aka me) ?!?!?!

I got the call.  I feel shocked, No …  more than shocked: ELATED that I would be the “eleventy-third” choice to help prepare the meal!!  It just makes my heart patter in ways I never thought possible!!

So, with that, I heard nothing more from dh…lol.  I can’t blame him though, my creativity and energy level on such small matters sometimes surprises even me,  and I have not a few times been told that I am easily entertained or amused… as if that should be some kind of sarcastic joke along the lines of, “Bless her heart…”

What’s wrong with being easily entertained?!  Nothing at all, I contend, but I’m getting away from the point… if there was one… I can’t tell.

Well, this is awkward… but, I will try just about anything to get a laugh (without it being obvious that I’m trying, that is…there must be some parameters within which to work) … for “I do so love to laugh!” and I love sharing that joy with others!

Anyway, just so I don’t leave ya hanging, I went over to dear mother-in-law’s house, and helped her cook and made her laugh, and at the

very end, she said: … wait for it… “THANK YOU for helping!!”

Yeeeesssss!!! I DID IT!!!

I passed the Thanksgiving helper’s test AND I was personally thanked!! Yes, I can truly say this Thanksgiving is starting out so well already, which makes me thankful!!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed yet another random post with me today, and I would love to hear all of your Holiday stories as well!!


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  1. good for you, a bit late but happy thanks giving….one of your post made stop with my obsession with wp…I am always on…so is been two weeks I just post and go on with my life. 😉 thanks!
    P.S. like when you put Spanish on the post


    • Happy late Thanksgiving to you too!! And, thanks for the feedback, it really means a lot…I was just arguing with myself the other day, “What’s the point of adding the Spanish text too…it’s just adding length to an already lengthy post…” But I finally decided that the Spanish portion would stay, since that is what this whole blogging idea started with, and that’s where I’m getting most of my inspiration from anyhow…but thanks so much for letting me know!! I really appreciate knowing others are getting something from it too, besides just me : )


      • Well I always go to the beginning with blog so I go back and forth with your post, I read them and then think a bit, so they do help, about the Spanish is up to you if you feel is not useful don’t put them, maybe you should put a Spanish tag see if it helps. I have notice I miss post because of the reader, it just shows a few, so now I go into people blogs on occasion just to check if I miss anything. good day!


        • That’s true…I have noticed the same thing ab the reader…it’s hard to keep up sometimes…anyway, I’m pretty set on keeping the Spanish in the posts bc of what I already said ab the original intent of the blog, so even if it is there only for me and a few others, I’m fine with that! I would rather have easy access to it…as to the tag, the only reason I would hesitate, is bc the whole thing is not in Spanish, but good thing to think about! Thanks for your input! Hope you have a great day too!!




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