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… unusual turn of events …

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So, I Got this CRAZY idea to use candy as an event, around which, we would take family photos for Christmas pics this year!  Where did I get such an inspired revelation? …The Internet…of course!

The idea was simple enough…surprise the little people with a beautiful bouquet of candy, and then just watch as the excitement unfolds..oh, and capture it all on camera!!  AWESOME!!!  I thought, with anticipation and excitement!


… it didn’t have …

… … the “desired” effect … …

… … … Quite the OPPOSITE, in fact … … …

… … … … Something, rather, Unusual happened instead … … … …

… … … … … They got all QUIET, and sat Gently, and ate their candy nicely… … …


Here is some proof:

After the Initial Shock, and “run” on the candy tray…here is how they sat for the remainder of this portion of shots:

This was SHOCKING to me, to say the least!  I mean…all I had to do to get my sweeties to sit still and be quiet for more than a minute… was to seat them at a tray of goodies…    WHO KNEW?!?!

Oh, how I wish I could share more of this fun day with you, and perhaps I will at a later date; but, I have already “Leaked” too much info about my “surprise” Christmas cards…lol!

Well, there’s a nifty fact about me:  I have a hard time keeping surprises secret for very long ; )   Oh, well, I tried for like… a week…doesn’t that count for something? *snickers*

Anyway, the moral of the story is:



These comments have NOT been approved by the FDA!  The Author of this blog shall Not take any responsibility for adverse “affects,” and will not be held liable for any other outcome.

If, However, you enjoy a similar experience, the Author of this blog, shall take ENTIRE responsibility and all of the credit, as well!  In fact, if you use this method, and your results are indeed satisfactory, the author of this blog, requests that you “cite” your source, please!

…hahaha…just kidding…

But, seriously…Go Have FUN with YOUR Kids!


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  1. LOVE – the pics you shared are beautiful and what fun… definately a day to remember always! You are such an incredible mom Julie, I love that you have fun with your crew!


    • Thanks Jessie!! You’re such an encouraging friend, and I’m so glad to have you!!

      When I first saw this idea online, I was searching for “family photo ideas,” or something of the sort, really late at night, so I really can’t “cite my source” : ( I was too sleep deprived…lol…but somewhere I found this idea…

      My first thought, was: “I would NEVER do something that foolish for the sake a few pics…and what…a whole night of chaos? Nope…not me!

      But, the more I thought ab it, and imagined their reactions, I was set on it…and so glad I did end up following through with it…

      I smile every time I look at these pics!! When we all sat down to look at them together for the first time, we were ALL cracking up at one point or another (can’t wait to share some more later!!) which made it’s own fun time too!!


  2. Amazing! I love this idea! Great job mom.




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