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Just thought I would share a conversation that we had on the way home tonight… These are the moments I live for!

Miles (ds, 3 yo): “If I was in the sky, would I fall out of the sky?”

Justin (dh): “I hope not!”

Me: “Why would you want to be in the sky Miles?”

Miles: “Because, I wanna see the moon… And hug him… And love him… And cuddle with him…and then take the moon home to my room and keep him!”

Brenna (dd, 8 yo): “Miles, the moon is too big for our house…”

Miles: “Well, what if we hung the moon up in our room, would that make you happy?”

Brenna: “We could hang our room up on the moon…”

Love my little people’s logic and reasoning!!! : )

So, I found some really neat pics and thought I would share a few of them here too!  Enjoy!!

Oh, and I posted the song at the bottom, so if you want to get the FULL effect, go ahead and hit play now ; )

Love this one:

Peaceful, isn’t it?

So Sweet:

Sleep Well!



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