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Isn’t it interesting that in Math, often times you or someone else can go through many different processes to get the “right” answer?  But, sometimes in more advanced math problems- you have to go through what’s called the Order of Operations, if you hope to get the desired answer… going in a certain “order”… doing one step before the others to get the desired outcome.


Why? You may well be wondering, along with, “what the HECK does this have to do with anything?!”

Well, I’m glad you asked (or thought it…oh, whatever…you know what I mean)!

…So it is with God…

There is only ONE direction we can go to get to him  -> -> -> that’s through Christ alone!

This may seem incredibly “intolerant,”  but…it’s TRUE! For example,  how foolish would I look, if I went to my Calculus professor and insisted:  “You’re being intolerant! I want to solve the problem this way________ (fill in the blank) … but you dare to tell me, that there is only one way to start this problem for it to end with the correct solution?! How INTOLERANT!”

To say the professor was being “intolerant” would be pretty silly, indeed! Because our logic tells us that there are certain Math rules or laws one must follow to get the right answer.  In math, we accept this “intolerance,” as just the way it is.  It’s unalterable in our minds …  after all, It’s a law of mathematics!  What if God’s universal laws worked the same way? I, daresay, that they do.


Why then, do people have such a problem with Christianity being “intolerant?”  When in reality, it’s just a FACT of life here on Earth…there’s only ONE way out.

*As always, I would like to leave you with the inspiration for this post.  A friend of mine posted a “word-problem” on facebook:

There is a bus with 7 girl riders. Each girl has 7 bags. Each bag has 7 large cats inside. For each large cat there are 7 small cats. How many legs are on the bus omitting the bus driver?

What I got…

7 girls
7 bags each
7 large cats per bag
7 little cats for each large

7 little cats x 4 legs = 28 legs

28 legs + 4 Big cat legs = 32 legs

32 legs x 7 cats = 224 legs per bag

224 cat legs x 7 bags = 1,568 cat legs

1,568 cat legs + 2 girl legs = 1,570 legs

1,570 legs x 7 girls = 10,990 total legs

This is How she got it…
7 girls
7 bags each
7 large cats per bag
7 little cats for each large

7×2=14 girl legs
7×7=49 total bags
49×7=343 big cats
343×4=1372 big legs
343×7=2401 kittens
2401×4=9604 kitten legs


Unless in the small chance, this is one if those tricky questions which wants the response, “zero, since a bus has no legs,” as someone quickly pointed out…lol…both means were effective at getting the answer! : )


God can speak to us through ANY and EVERY thing…if we’re looking!!



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