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how far do YOU go?

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Entry from September 28,  which gave me a few new insights and actually like three different points (yep, a little scatter brained tonight ; ) …so, buckle up! Here we GO!!

Deuteronomy 9:14, 18-19 (New International Version):

14 Let me alone, so that I may destroy them and blot out their name from under heaven. And I will make you into a nation stronger and more numerous than they.”

18 Then once again I fell prostrate before the Lord for forty days and forty nights; I ate no bread and drank no water, because of all the sin you had committed, doing what was evil in the Lord’s sight and so arousing his anger.

19 I feared the anger and wrath of the Lord, for he was angry enough with you to destroy you. But again the Lord listened to me.

*Spanish Version from NVI can be found at the bottom!*


After reading this passage, we gather that not only did Moses go 40 days & 40 nights without food or drink to obtain the 10 c0mmandments, but he also spent the same amount of time pleading to God for this sinful generation.

Who was he?!  Was he God?  No.  Was he Jesus?  No.  He was just a man.  He was a baby boy whom his mother refused to drown in the Nile river at the Pharaoh’s order.  While his sister watched, Moses was sent adrift on the river in a basket.

Ironically enough, Pharaoh’s daughter picks him up out of the water, giving him the name, Moses, and ends up adopting him.  The baby Pharaoh so feared, the one prophesied about, was thus growing up under his own roof.  NOT ironic to God, though.  Purposed.

It’s just another testament to the fact that no matter where you are, even if you happen to be floating down a crocodile infested river, in a mere basket, as a helpless infant …  the epitome of danger… If you are in God’s will- He will protect you- He will keep you safe.

In fact, you’re SAFER in that croc- infested river than in your own home!

When God has a plan, it’s best not to undermine Him (as Pharaoh did so carelessly).  Think of ALL the babies who were murdered, drowned in the river Nile in an effort to destroy a prophecy.  How ABSURD!!

As if  God would allow a mere man to destroy His promise.

[Aside]:  Not only did Moses’ mother & sister save his life, and in effect allowed for the Exodus to take place, they were blessed with a few more years to care for him and nurse him through his toddler-hood (while being paid, I might add, by the Royal family).

Man alone has NO power to override God’s plan or purpose.

Oddly enough…or not so oddly, Moses the one Pharaoh feared, was being raised in his own home (just to spite him, perhaps?) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, eh?!

Nothing we can do will thwart God’s plans… isn’t that EXCITING?! And, He brings all things together for good to those that love Him, despite our earthly understanding of things.  I mean, think of all the families that were devastated by the loss of their babies to this horrible edict.  How was their faith holding up? Could this be why they were so skeptical or resentful of Moses leading them?  Maybe.
Anyway, back to Moses sacrificing his own comfort and promises to save a sinful, complaining, and unrepentant generation…and for what?!

Had it been me, I probably would have been like, “So, You mean to tell me, that You would be willing to get these nagging, disobedient, undeserving people off my back AND give me another people greater and more powerful than they to lead? SIGN ME UP!! I’m IN!  Sayonara Suckaaa’s!!”  But, by the grace of God, He did not have me leading the children of Israel, but Moses. Beacuse He has created each of us for such a time as this!

*(I emphasized the word, children, b/c that’s how they acted most of the time…lol…just thought you should know that…important stuff, ikr?! wink, wink)* 

He has given each of us just what we need to accomplish what He has purposed in our hearts to accomplish.

Which brings us to the next point…

Don’t envy ANYONE else’s life. You literally have NO IDEA what God is working out in and through them…you need only worry about what God is working out, in and through you.  I mean that…and I’m talking to me.

[While the Israelites were complaining and being resentful of this, “self-appointed” leader -so they thought- who had nothing in common with them, who had no understanding of what it was like to live as a slave…God was doing a work in him.  This “privileged” one (as I’m sure many viewed him) went 80 days WITHOUT food or water, in order to guide this people (40 of which, went to pleading for their very lives) – for a people, who at times seemed to despise him or at the very least, were jealous  of him.]

All the while, Moses is steady obeying God and even felt he could convince God to change His mind…which he did.  CRAZY!

With his position, came much scrutiny, sorrow, and sacrifice; and in the end, even he was denied entrance to the promised land.  BUT, the next generation was able to go in…they were allowed to start fresh in the land of promise.  That is true self-sacrifice.

Application in My Life:

Even though I may not see what it is You’re doing in my life God, I can and should Trust Your Word and know that Your bigger picture is much greater than anything I could ever imagine… and I get to be part of it...IF...wait for it…I stop COMPLAINING, envying, & DISOBEYING.

Trusting GOD is key!

My prayer is that of thankfulness that God is working on our hearts to help us grow! He reveals new things to us every day if we listen for His still small voice.

What I want you to Remember:

1.  The Safest place you can be is in God’s Will.

2.  Man CAN’T mess with God’s Promises.

3.  Self-Sacrifice positions us to change a generation.

Last Thought & Bottom line:

Self-sacrifice How far are we willing to go?

*Spanish inspiration…

Deuteronomio 9:14, 18-19 (Nueva Versión Internacional):

14 Déjame que lo destruya y borre hasta el recuerdo de su nombre. De ti, en cambio, haré una nación más fuerte y numerosa que la de ellos.”

18 »Nuevamente me postré delante del Señor cuarenta días y cuarenta noches, y no comí pan ni bebí agua. Lo hice por el gran pecado que ustedes habían cometido al hacer lo malo a los ojos del Señor, provocando así su ira.

19 Tuve verdadero miedo del enojo y de la ira del Señor, pues a tal grado se indignó contra ustedes, que quiso destruirlos. Sin embargo, el Señor me escuchó una vez más.


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