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One of my first finds…

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After reading Genesis 2:18-20 in Spanish, I saw it in a new way (scroll down to see the direct quote in Spanish). This is the passage in the Bible where God decides to create Eve.  Read for a quick review…

Genesis 2: 18-20 :

18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

19 Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.

20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.
But for Adam no suitable helper was found.

So, here’s the run down:

God looks at man and says, “It’s not good for man to be alone, so I will make a suitable helper for him.  Then God does something interesting.  He doesn’t get to work immediately on making this “helper” for Adam.  Instead, He takes from the whole Earth and sky all the creatures He had formed and brings them to Adam to see what Adam would name them.  And, it says that as he named them, so they were known and called.

Adam gave names to EVERY living creature.  How long must this have taken?! We are not given that information, but we can guess that it was probably not done “all in a day’s work.”  Furthermore, it wasn’t until the last animals were named that we realize, as did he, that “[nevertheless], he did not find among them an adequate helper.”

The word, “nevertheless,” found in the Spanish version as “Sin embargo,”  indicates to the reader that Adam has possibly been puzzling over this for awhile and is somewhat exasperated by this conclusion.

It is at this point, I believe, that Adam recognizes his need and his inadequacy.  You can imagine that after naming ALL of creation, he was probably a bit dismayed that none were like him. He felt utterly alone.

In this moment of despair and recognition of his need, not a moment before or a moment too late, does God put Adam into a deep sleep and created woman out of man.

It is my belief that Adam was in this posture for quite a while.  Naming these creatures, at first, must have been a great joy and even a thrilling excitement to Adam! He was the special being or creature, whom God gave dominion over all else!  What a PRIVILEGE! How EXCITING!!

Overtime, however, it started to occur to Adam how completely alone he was; as he noticed that everything else under God’s sun had a compatible match, while he alone did not.  I wonder how long into this work he had managed to get before he realized his need; his desire to have one like him to relate to, to help him.

It never tells us this, but we can tell by the tone in his “voice” that he was at least a little disappointed, in the end, to have found not even one suitable or like him.  Talk about a LOW!

I can imagine Adam sitting there in anticipation, naming the creatures of this world, waiting to see his match turn up in the lot; wondering when God would have her produced. He might have thought about how much quicker his work would get done with one like him, helping him…inspiring him.

(He named her, “Wo-man,” I mean come on…he was lacking inspiration at that point ; ) lol )

In the end though, he was still alone.

Nevertheless, there was not one in ALL the creatures compatible with him.


knew Adam’s need from day one of this project, and even decided then to produce the solution to his need.  Why then did Adam have to go through this monotonous journey, possibly even painful emotionally, of discovering that he was in fact alone, that he had a need…that he was lacking something, before God provided for it?

It’s simple really: God knows our need even before we do.  In His infinite wisdom, he has already decided to meet that need and has even devised a plan for accomplishing this in our lives.  Through this short passage, we find that it is just as important for us to recognize our need or problem, as it is for Him to solve it for us.  He waits for us and doesn’t push the solution on us… thanks to that little thing called, Free Will.  Incredible!

When we look to him as our solution… the solution is found. Maybe not in our time frame, but at the precise moment… in the fullness of time, will His purpose and help be realized… not sooner, not later.

One last thought: Why do you think God did not choose to “just” produce Eve and give her to Adam? In other words, why did He put Adam into a deep sleep and then create Eve from Adam?

Could it be that God was showing Adam the value of Eve; setting her apart from all else that had been created? Taking Adam’s rib and giving it to Eve as a symbol of equality and purpose.  Furthermore, He was establishing the fact that Eve was the completion of Adam.  He now understood fully that he was, and would be forever,  lacking something without her.
This concludes the first of  many finds. Have any questions or comments, please feel free to share!

The verses I read in Spanish as inspiration for this post are found below…

Génesis 2: 18-20 :

18 Luego Dios el Señor dijo: «No es bueno que el hombre esté solo. Voy a hacerle una ayuda adecuada.»

19 Entonces Dios el Señor formó de la tierra toda ave del cielo y todo animal del campo, y se los llevó al hombre para ver qué *nombre les pondría. El hombre les puso nombre a todos los seres vivos, y con ese nombre se les conoce.

20 Así el hombre fue poniéndoles nombre a todos los animales domésticos, a todas las aves del cielo y a todos los animales del campo. Sin embargo, no se encontró entre ellos la ayuda adecuada para el hombre.

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  1. Great analysis Julie!




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